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2021’s Top 11 Affordable Watches that You Don’t Want To Miss Out !
It is no surprise that every season, new timepieces hit the shelves. Brands launch their eye-catching annual magnum opus which makes headlines and seemingly pushes the envelope for watch technology and style. However, most timepieces, especially those launched by large...
How Do You Tell What Is a Good Quality Dress Watch?
There are multiple factors to consider when it comes to identifying a dress watch of decent quality. Brand reputation, watch materials, reviews and even the price points are adequate methods of gauging a decent watch for people who are just...
Beginner's Guide to Watch Straps: 6 Types of Strap Buckle that Makes Your Watch Special
Not many wearers would notice this upon first glance but the strap buckle is one the most crucial factors determining whether your watch is going to be a comfortable fit on your wrist. Some straps hug very nicely and make...
Beginner's Guide to Watch Movements: Quartz, Automatic and Mechanical
Watch movements nowadays are either made in-house or sourced from manufacturers. Though in-house watch movements are becoming more popular among bigger brands, more affordable watch brands still use mass-produced movements. With the vast amount of movements by different manufacturers like...
Beginner's Guide to Watch Case: All You Need To Know About Materials
Stainless Steel Case Stainless steel - highly resistant to rust, is invulnerable to the corrosion by moisture or sweat. Furthermore, skin irritation arising from donning stainless steel pieces is extremely rare. This makes the alloy the ultimate and most ideal...
Styling Classic Dress Watches for Men and Women
Beyond Functionality: Style There was a period in history when watches were merely used to tell time. Men would carry pocket watches and fish them out whenever needed. Fast forward to 2021 and watches are very much still in the...
9 Interesting Facts about the Moon
  “The Moon was but a Chin of Gold A Night or two ago — And now she turns Her perfect Face Upon the World below —”   For all of us stargazers, the Moon holds a special place in...
Beginner's Guide to Luxury Watches: What is Luxury Watches in Singapore?
Sauntering down Orchard Road, sights of immaculate stores and pristine logos make us feel like we have dipped our toes in opulence heaven. Our eyes gleam as a mere reflection of the already dazzling pieces before us. Luxury, however, is...
Coming Soon: Athleisure Series
"A portrait of us when we’re making it, and a portrait of you when you own it." Our designer Apurva has been working hard over the past 4 months, iterating the designs of the watch face, watch hands and even...
Tidal Moonphase- A deeper look at the design
Hello reader! Thanks for visiting our blog. We do our best to create blogs like this frequently so you get a look behind the scenes. If you like what you see, subscribe to our free email list for exclusive updates...
Looking back at 2020, and what’s in store for 2021

My struggle to find a watch that spoke to my style and design preferences whilst still being reasonably affordable led me to start Sekoni Original back in 2019. My budget was around SGD250 (USD185) and at that point, I wanted a dress watch to match my semi-formal to formal wear. 

How COVID-19 is affecting online businesses- From the eyes of a watch startup

The impact COVID-19 has had on businesses, economies, and individuals has far exceeded what most thought would happen. Countries close their borders to reduce the risks of more imported cases, companies have started getting people to work from home to reduce large gatherings at their workplaces, and individuals avoid crowded events and places. At the time of writing this article, the number of COVID-19 seems bound to increase drastically over the near future, with the numbers doubling every 5-7 days at the moment. All forecasts of growth in 2020 have been revised to a 0% growth or even a recession for some cases.

List of watch/horology YouTubers to follow in 2020

As a fan of watches, we're always on the lookout for new information, new inspiration, and new styles. Whether through magazines, forums, social media, or even Facebook groups, watch connoisseur's everywhere are searching for ways to connect with each other and inundate themselves with watches.

Top 10 Moonphase Watches of All Time

If you’re unfamiliar with the phrase “moon phase”, you’re not alone. The waxing and waning of the moon is a natural phenomenon that has served as foundations to calendars since early Men noticed its pattern. 29.53 days- the time it takes for a complete cycle from new Moon to full Moon and back to new Moon again. Moon phases serve as a powerful reminder of the passage of time as huge celestial bodies move around us through the pushing and pulling of gravity. 

10 Iconic Watches in Movies That Will Amaze You

When you’re watching a movie, there are so many details that can capture your eye. From the lighting to the effects to the cinematography, there’s so much that goes into a great movie and so many reasons that everyone has at least a couple of favourites they hold near and dear to them. There’s something that a lot of movies have that you might have missed—some excellent wristwear. Over the years, some of our greatest movies have had some equally great watches appearing on main characters’ wrists and we wanted to share with you some of our personal favourites. We’ll break down the history behind 10 of the most iconic watches to ever appear on film, point out some of their features, and tell you where you can find one of your own.

Why Daniel Wellington succeeded and what we can learn from it

Daniel Wellington took the watch industry by storm after their founder John Filip Tysander started the brand in 2011. The design of the classic DW was a big hit. It’s minimalist design resonated broadly. Paired with a seemingly affordable price tag and targeted towards millennials, DW was able to grow exponentially year on year, reaching an amazing $230 million in sales in 2016. A rising tide lifts all boats, and as DW took the watch world by storm, the industry saw an all-time high of minimalist designs introduced to the market with success (Kaptan & SonMVMTDufa and more). 

Why 2020 is the year we’ll see great women's watches enter the market

You always hear of the watches great men wore on special days. July 21, 1969, when Neil Armstrong took his first steps on the moon, with the Omega Speedmaster strapped to his wrist. Or Martin Luther King and his famous 18K gold Rolex Datejust. Let's face it - the watch market is a male-dominated industry, in nearly every step of the value chain, including the final purchase. 

Why salmon dial watches are so desirable by watch lovers?

The horology industry definitely has its hard set ways when it comes to watch designs and the unspoken rules around them. There are some common trends in design shape, colours and motifs used throughout each niche segment. However, there are some outliers, that move so far away from the boundaries, that they almost don’t seem to be comparable or even part of the same discussion as the traditional horology topics, that they seem to go on unprohibited and be an undercurrent in the world of watches.

How does a moonphase watch work?

Naturally fascinating, moonphase watches often get a lot of attention due to their beautiful designs, intricate artwork and uniqueness. There is no surprise here - the 29.5-day lunar cycle tracking function is a complicated feature to integrate due to the scarcity of quality movements and design challenges that come along with the complication.

A list of the best Moonphase watches (Price range from affordable to luxury)

Moonphase watches are usually recognised as beautiful dress timepieces. Featuring day/night moon cycles or a full moon cycle from full moon to full moon. Adored by most, the natural element and phenomenon of our moon resonate with all. An uncommon complication throughout the world of horology, spotting moonphase watches is usually an occasion to remember. Today we are highlighting our top 3 Moonphase watches, one price for the premium segment, one for the mid-range and one of the best affordable moonphase timepiece.

Why Moonphase watches are the next trend

A trend is defined as a general direction in which something is developing or changing. The moonphase watch market is evolving in an interesting fashion. Considering the number of watches on offer featuring a moonphase complication, It’s relative size within the watch industry is diminishing. A classic complication, that was forgotten largely when the entry-level/ fashion watch market started its growth phase. However, demand for moonphase watches is increasing substantially, as the mass market of watch wearers further there interest in horology and the niches within.