How Do You Tell What Is a Good Quality Dress Watch?

There are multiple factors to consider when it comes to identifying a dress watch of decent quality. Brand reputation, watch materials, reviews and even the price points are adequate methods of gauging a decent watch for people who are just looking for a fashionable timepiece for their everyday outfit.

Not everyone has the expertise of a watch collector to know whether the Quartz Movement used is legitimate or a rip-off, or whether 316L Stainless Steel is significantly different from 304 Stainless Steel. Read on for our Beginner’s Guide to Choosing a Good Quality Dress Watch. 

  1. Case Material [Beginner's Guide to Watch Case: All You Need To Know About Materials]
  2. Glass Material [Beginner's Guide to Watch Glass: 5 Different Glass You Need To Know]
  3. Strap Buckle [Beginner's Guide to Watch Straps: 6 Types Of Strap Buckles that Makes Your Watch Special
  4. Movement Types and Brands [

    Beginner's Guide to Watch Movements: Quartz, Automatic and Mechanical]

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