Best Moonphase Watches for Men- Under $500 affordable watch Best Moonphase Watches for Men- Under $500 affordable watch

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Exclusive Founder's Edition.
Best Moonphase watches for women- Affordable and under $500 Best Moonphase watches for women- Affordable and under $500

Tidal Moonphase

Men watches on sale- Moonphase watch Men watches on sale- Moonphase watch

Intricate details

Designed with the utmost care.
Men watches on sale- Best Moonphase watch Men watches on sale- Best Blue Moonphase watch

5 year warranty

Made possible through quality materials
Women watches on sale- Best Designer Moonphase watch Women watches on sale- Best Moonphase watch

Tidal Moonphase

Your Go-to Moonphase timepiece
Our Mission

We are a team based in Singapore dedicated to creating beautiful and quality watches that inspire a better appreciation of time. 

Beautiful, affordable, Swiss movement watches for your everyday needs.

Caseback Artwork

The artwork is only 4 hair strands thick. Fret not, its strong. We put it in the oven for 6 hours to strengthen it.

A thoughtful touch in placing a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal on top of the artwork ensures full protection.

Now, your watch can look good on and off your wrist.

Moonphase Function

A Moon Cycle is when the Moon revolves one round around earth. This cycle takes about 29.5 days and we have gears in the watch that tracks this.

5 year International Warranty. 15 day Return. Dedicated Customer Service. Safe and Secure Checkout. 


Having compared watches from several brands and owning a few, the distinct look of the Tidal Moonphase and quality used was too good to pass up.

United Kingdom Sekoni Original Affordable Best Tidal Moonphase Watch Review
David W, United Kingdom

I like the clean, classic design and your attention to details that make this a beautiful watch. I enjoy deep blues and moon motifs in general, and I appreciate the added artwork on the back of the watch. It is beautiful and a feature I haven't seen before in other watches.

United States Sekoni Original Best Tidal Moonphase Watch Review for Women/Ladies- Classic, Attention to detail, affordable, beautiful, Swiss movement.
Katrice W, United States
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If you’re unfamiliar with the phrase “moon phase,” you’re not alone. The waxing and waning of the moon is a natural phenomenon that has served as foundations to calendars since early Men noticed its pattern. 29.53 days- the time it takes for a complete cycle from new Moon to full Moon and back to new Moon again. Moon phases serve as a powerful reminder of the passage of time as huge celestial bodies move around us through the pushing and pulling of gravity.