Our Story


Sekoni Original was founded in 2019 with the purpose of bringing beautiful and affordable timepieces to youthful and discerning individuals alike. To this day, many ask, aren’t there several watch brands that sell good looking and well-priced watches?

Yes, of course there are.  But what sets Sekoni apart from those is our entire approach to the world of watchmaking.  There are an outstanding number of individuals who are interested in luxury watches, but may not be able to afford the price tag of thousands or hundreds of thousands dollars.  Yes, you read that correctly, hundreds of thousands of dollars!

Enter: Sekoni.  We have designed and created elegant and sophisticated watches that will not cost your entire life savings or that lottery ticket so many of us wish for but can never seem to hit!  We take the most classic and timeless styles, pay homage to them, and create noteworthy timepieces for everyone to share and be a part of.  Our first design series, Tidal Moonphase, is loved by wearers from over 40 countries around the world!

To sum up what we do in just a few words:

An intriguing take on luxury watches.

That’s what we do. We’re not a high-growth technology startup with an infinitely scalable business, we're not a 300 year old watch company who can live on name alone.  We simply just love watches.  All we do is talk quality, style, colors, dials, crowns, chamfers, design things- and then we meticulously put them together into a timepiece that will sit on your wrist for years to come.  

We want to give our take on luxury watches and help connoisseurs find that distinctive representation of themselves in what they wear.  Sekoni creates classy, elegant watches that are sure to be noticed everywhere you go.

Drop us an email if you ever have any questions: hello@sekonioriginal.com we love to talk all things watches!