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About Us

Seköni Original was born from an identified gap in the watch industry - the lack of a product that sat perfectly in the overlap between design, quality and price. Whilst existing watches possessed at least one or more of those three key qualities, it is evident that the rest of the qualities would pale in comparison.

We knew in starting Seköni Original that we would not settle until achieving that very overlap. This journey started in August 2018...


We started out by asking ourselves, what do watches mean to us?

Fundamentally, they tell the time and elevate our outfits.

More importantly, we felt that a watch should form an emotional connection with each individual, inspiring you to make the most of the time they track.

What We Believe In

Confidence Through Design

Our watches are designed to empower, inspiring boldness through a better appreciation of time.

Uncompromising Quality

Swiss movement, sapphire crystals, and Italian leather to build watches that are made to last - even through tenuous conditions.

Fair Prices

A community-driven enterprise, our interest is not in making mega-profits, but in empowering communities through beautiful watches.


Back in August 2019, after months of product design and countless iterations, we launched our crowdfunding campaign with a couple hundred attendees trying out and pre-ordering Tidal Moonphase in person.

Welcome to Sekoni original

Hey there! We appreciate you visiting our webpage.

I founded Seköni Original because I experienced the frustration of having watches I like be ridiculously expensive and watches that are reasonably priced to be lacking. My interactions with countless watchmakers from around the world made me realise that changes can be made.

Here at Seköni Original, we're committed to creating watches that inspire you to make the most of time, the very thing it is built to track.

Feel free to reach out to us and we look forward to having you join our wonderful community! 

Bryan, Founder