Styling Classic Dress Watches for Men and Women

Beyond Functionality: Style

There was a period in history when watches were merely used to tell time. Men would carry pocket watches and fish them out whenever needed.

Fast forward to 2021 and watches are very much still in the game, but for arguably different reasons. Pocket watches have now found a place on our wrists and instead of a mere necessity, they are now seen more as a fashion statement - an accessory to complete the look if you will.

This advertisement below by Dior and Bulova from the late ‘60s which reads ‘Dior discovers the wrist’ quite literally presents the point in time where the biggest fashion brands began to collaborate with watch companies to give watches an ‘image overhaul’. Watches were now not just pieces of technology, they were style statements deserving of a front-page in fashion magazines. 

1968 Christian Dior by Bulova Ad - Retro Vintage Fashion Advertising
1968 Christian Dior by Bulova Ad - Retro Vintage Fashion Advertising via Etsy

This short Seiko advertisement from the ‘60s further gives us a glimpse into the image overhaul of watches.

What you will see is a great emphasis placed on watch style over the technological prowess of the watch itself. Smooth jazz music coupled with the Seiko Quartz Chronograph in the spotlight presented the idea that Watch Fashion was making its way as the next big trend - a trend that was here to stay. 

It then begs the question - what exactly makes watches fashionable? There are many factors at play, from the aesthetic of the watch itself to its versatility and the way it complements an outfit. Let’s take a deep dive into the ways in which watches can be a staple on the runways and in our everyday closet. 

An Eye for the Aesthetic 

Making elegant fashion watches for men and women alike has long been a top priority for big fast fashion brands. In the case of women’s watches, there are a wide array of looks to choose from. Dainty jewellery-like pieces and statement watches are but a few designs from the endless list.

A classic that immediately comes to mind is Rose Gold watches which beautifully balance the best of both worlds - boldness and grace. Rose Gold is a colour associated with decadence and wealth and was often worn by royalty. 

Sported by iconic women ranging from Princess Diana to Serena Williams, rose gold watches are a testament to the versatility that comes with the colour.

Princess Diana's Patek Philippe

Princess Diana's Patek Philippe via Town&Country
Serena Williams Sporting an Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore
Serena Williams Sporting an Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore via Bob's Watches

Rose Gold Womens’ Watches are a long time favourite for the ease with which it can be styled and the aesthetic of the colour itself. If you take a look at Glamour Magazine’s selection of the best and most popular women’s watches in 2021, there is no shortage of rose gold watches on the list.

Michael Kors Halle Berry Watch Hunger Stop Campaign
Michael Kors Halle Berry Watch Hunger Stop Campaign via Michael Kors


Rose Gold watches are usually paired with a nude palette as they share a similar undertone.
Consider pairing your watch with white, grey or beige. If you prefer a stronger contrast, pair your neutrals with bold and dark colours. Try navy blue, black and dark green which allows the rose gold and neutrals to pop. 
Nude Palette
Jaeger Lecoultre Moonphase watch
Jaeger Lecoultre Moonphase watch via Editorialist
Aiverc Opera - JØRN UTZON COLLECTION 40mm Rose Gold
Aiverc Opera - JØRN UTZON COLLECTION 40mm Rose Gold via Aiverc


In fact, Sekoni Original also boasts an impressive collection of rose gold pieces in the Tidal Moonphase collection. With 11 different straps to choose from, including leather and rose gold mesh, this ladies watch is a versatile piece, perfect to complete any look.

Furthermore, those looking for a more dainty and demure style can also complement the watch with Rose Gold bangle sold separately by Sekoni Original. 

Sekoni 2021 Lookbook for Her - Style Rose Gold Watches     Sekoni 2021 Lookbook for Her - Style Rose Gold Watch
Sekoni 2021 Lookbook for Her via Sekoni Original


Looking at men's watches in style, one cannot go wrong with dress watches. Dress watches for men are known to be minimalist, sleek and stylish while still making a statement - a true embodiment of less is more.

Contrary to popular belief, dress watches can bring together any outfit - not just formal looks with blazers and dapper suits.          

Sekoni 2021 Lookbook for Him
Sekoni 2021 Lookbook for Him via Sekoni Original


To style a dress watch with a casual fit, the key lies in one word - matching.

Leather watch straps should match other leather pieces in your attire for a streamlined look. A brown leather watchband with brown dress shoes, belt, jacket or bag helps bring the outfit together.

For watches with a metal strap, the same rule applies where you match your metals. Take note of the metal elements of your outfit – buckles on your belt, shoes and rings – and match them with your watch. 

Sekoni 2021 Lookbook For Him
Sekoni 2021 Lookbook for Him via Sekoni Original


Given that leather dress watches have solid colours, consider having similar colours in pieces of your outfit. For watch straps with colours like black and brown, you can never go wrong with neutral tones like white, grey and beige.

 Fossil Watch
Fossil Q Q Commuter on Varun Dhawan's wrist Image Credit: Ethos Watches 

The Tidal Moonphase watches for men by Sekoni Original also live up to the characteristics of a classic dress watch. While the moonphase timepiece itself beholds many intricate details, it masters the balance by being a clean, minimalist piece as well.

Regardless of formal or casual, the elegance of the watch brings together any look. As mentioned before, a true dress watch never steals the spotlight but smoothly makes an impact - Sekoni Original’s timepieces meet the cut for doing the same. 

Sekoni 2021 Lookbook for Him

Sekoni 2021 Lookbook for Him Image Credit: Sekoni Original 

Versatile Timepieces for every season and generation 

What also makes watches a true fashion essential is their ability to be a staple for every occasion and season, regardless of changes that come with time.

In the era where fast fashion brands are reigning and trends are ever-evolving, being at the top of the list for trending watches may seem impossible. However, what marks a true timepiece is one that not only can hone its own in a dynamic fashion landscape but also co-exist with and complement novel trends. 

A watch that particularly made headlines was the Cartier Tank watch worn by Meghan Markle and formerly belonged to Princess Diana. While the gesture could have been symbolic of Meghan’s love and admiration for Princess Diana, it also goes to show a true timepiece will always find its way to shine no matter how much time has passed. Finding the fine balance between versatility and individuality is how luxury watches always stay at the top of the fashion game. 

Meghan Markle wears Princess Diana's Cartier Tank watch
Meghan Markle wears Princess Diana's Cartier Tank watch via Hello! Magazine

Keeping this in mind, Sekoni Original has various customisable options while still keeping the striking individuality of The Tidal Moonphase Collection. With 11 different watch straps to choose from and the choice of jewellery to complement your watch, the brand is as versatile as it gets.

On days where you have to don the corporate armour and adhere to strict dress codes, the timeless leather straps are your perfect fit. For a more laid back yet stylish option, the stainless steel mesh straps are a great option. With versatility, however, also comes a distinct voice. Just as ethereal and distinct as the moon, the collection has its own identity and style - a true force to be reckoned with regardless of time. 

Sekoni Original Straps Variety
Sekoni Original's Strap Variety


As the American fashion designer Rachel Zoe puts it “style is a way to say who you are without having to speak.”

Style is an extension of who we are and hence, it is crucial to find pieces that reflect us. While trends come and go, personality and sophistication stay. The best luxury watch brands understand this and time and again present pieces which make a mark and refuse to fade away with time. After all, timepieces keep the promise of never letting go - and that includes being an ever-stylish fashion piece to tie up any look. 

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