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We know that matching the Classic Tidal Moonphase is not easy, especially when there's so many details to look at.

Over the past 4 months, we have been coming up with new and fresh ideas to help you see Tidal Moonphase better in your wardrobe.

"Spring Season" reminds of greens and floral patterns.

However, "Spring" means more than just the season of flowers. Taking a darker shade of green and contrasting with an off-white trousers, we elevate the beauty of our Classic Silver Tidal Moonphase's white dial and silver case.

Classic Silver Tidal Moonphase with White Leather Strap

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Belts and shoes are essential styling factors. 

It is good to take note of the materials of your belt and shoes whenever you want to wear a watch along. Some materials like leather, linen or even metal embellishments can affect how you style them. Usually, you would want to style similar materials together. For example, leather shoes to leather straps, linen belts to fabric straps. This helps to create a stylised look.

"Spring" is the representation of new beginnings and with new beginnings come hope. We have styled the Classic Rose Gold Tidal Moonphase with a pale yellow collared polo shirt and a pair of navy checkered trousers. Going with the two complementary colours, we accentuate the golden rims of our timepiece and make the casual look slightly classier.

Classic Rose Gold Tidal Moonphase with Brown Crocodile Leather Strap



You don't have to own florals and lush greens 

No need for florals and lush greens if your wardrobe doesn't have them, Spring outfits for Men can take a more earthy look with cream and gray colours. This brings across a softer look for gentlemen who prefer to keep their outfits "down-to-earth". Without too many accessories, the watch itself speaks of class in simplicity.

Classic Rose Gold Tidal Moonphase with Brown Leather Strap

and NOT Forgetting THE Basics TOO

For our wearers who just love a neat look, we have also paired our Classic Tidal Moonphase with a simple and clean outfit.

Classic Rose Gold Tidal Moonphase with Brown Crocodile Leather Strap

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