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Youthful and Discerning

We know that matching the Classic Tidal Moonphase is not easy, especially when there's so many details to look at.

Over the past 4 months, we have been coming up with new and fresh ideas to help you see Tidal Moonphase better in your wardrobe.

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You can't go wrong with analogous colours when it comes to styling  your outfits.

These colours help to bring across stability and balance in fashion sense while different intensities and colour types express the spirit of individuality.

We have styled our Classic Rose Gold Tidal Moonphase with a yellow dress.

The yellow hues and golden tone complements each other perfectly without stealing attention away from one another while maintaining a continuation in colour palette.

Classic Rose Gold Tidal Moonphase with Brown Leather Strap

Pop the Rose Gold casing and straps on your timepiece by pairing it with white colour.

White is a universal colour that complements with all colours.

Together with a tint of blue in the bottoms, it helps to bring to attention the Moonphase function on our Classic Rose Gold Tidal Moonphase.

Moonphase watches are not just any classic traditional watch. Bring out the beauty in it through your style.

Classic Rose Gold Tidal Moonphase with White Leather Strap

It is important to consider what other accessories you carry with you when styling your look with a watch. For our Classic Rose Gold Tidal Moonphase, we styled it with mauve and earthy tones to create a more mature feminine look. These slightly toned-down colours allows the metallic accents on the accessories to stand out, like the thin golden chains, golden handle of the handbag and even our Rose Gold Bangle complements the timepiece. The smooth white leather strap on the watch further adds an elegant style to the look. For those who prefer our Rose Gold metallic strap, you can do without our Bangle and swap for our Necklace instead.

Classic Rose Gold Tidal Moonphase with White Leather Strap

If you are a big fan of our moonphase function, don't miss out on putting on a blue outfit to accentuate its beauty. Our Tidal Moonphase design is not overcomplicated by too many colours and details. Every colour and detail is chosen intentionally to avoid a myriad of colours but to form a harmonious mix. 

Classic Rose Gold Tidal Moonphase with Rose Gold Mesh Strap

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