Why salmon dial watches are so desirable by watch lovers?

The horology industry definitely has its hard set ways when it comes to watch designs and the unspoken rules around them. There are some common trends in design shape, colours and motifs used throughout each niche segment. However, there are some outliers that move so far away from the boundaries, that they almost don’t seem to be comparable or even part of the same discussion as the traditional horology topics, that they seem to go on unprohibited and be an undercurrent in the world of watches.

One of the best examples of these designs is salmon dial watches. The tone has been featured on watch dials all the way back to the Swiss glory days. Top tier watch houses have been releasing salmon dial pieces for decades - understanding the speciality of this colour in a watch collection. This timepiece did not make it into our 2020 list of best moonphase watches but the world of horology was reminded of this when A. Lange & Söhne released the Datograph Perpetual Tourbillon at $287,800.  Over a mere quarter of a million dollars, this moonphase timepiece was said to feature its’ salmon dial for added feelings of warmth and legibility.

The salmon colour offers a classic motif, bringing along connotations of softness, care and warmth. The salmon dial is also able to be worn flexibly as well. Its subtle colour tone enables wearers to integrate the design into their outfits easily. However, dressed to highlight the timepiece - it’s unusual and light blending effects are bound to bring attention.

Speak to watch lovers and you will often find a ‘wild-card’ in their collection. A timepiece that features a quirky movement, a fascinating case design or something else which makes it unique. The salmon dial could be considered the ‘gateway wild-card’. Often the dial choice that watch lovers go for after a few previous purchases. It’s a brave purchase to make due to the rarity of the colour, yet we refer to it as the  ‘gateway wild-card’ as it almost always works, and starts to open purchasers’ minds to the idea of shopping outside the lines of conventional horology.

We are always trying to push ourselves at Sekoni Original in terms of material usage, design and production quality. Our inclusion of the salmon dial in our Tidal Moonphase collection was our tribute to the world of watches. When designing the Tidal Moonphase to be the ideal start to a watch collection, Inclusion was (and still is) one of our core philosophies, to enable the masses to understand the beauty of horology and how to spot a quality timepiece.

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