Will the Tidal Moonphase be your FIRST too?

To the masses the world of horology is simply the tip of the iceburg. “Rolex” , “AP”, “Omega”....maybe even a “Patek” are floated when the average person thinks of high end watches. With little more than brand names in mind, consumers unfortunately miss out on the beautiful nuances and design elements. 

Scratch below the surface of the horology industry and you’ll discover a community of passionate and detail driven watch fanatics. The beauty of the watch industry, is that there is almost a sub-community for everyone. Those whom exclusively wear automatics? There's a facebook group for them. Fans of diver watches? Groups for them too. Even sub communities dedicated to modifying specific brands. 

Besides a few outliers, the watch community is relatively inclusive. Watch fans are spec driven, the lug design difference between timepieces such as a seiko 5 SRPD53K1 and a Rolex Submariner 114060 can be discussed for hours, despite the >1900% price difference. Fans come together over a simple common denominator - a passion for watches, regardless of their type.  

The other common trademark of all watch geeks - they’ll all be able to tell you about their “first”. The first watch they bought or were given that introduced them to the world of watches. The first piece that started their fascination. That same first piece they wore to a memorable event, planned their outfit around to fit just perfectly or that same piece which was complimented publicly. 

The Tidal Moonphase from Sekoni has unmistakably positioned itself as the ideal start to a quality watch collection. Inspired by Horology, the art of timekeeping. The moonphase element tracks the cycles of the Moon and acts as a symbol of the passing of time. An uncommon complication featured on a timepiece, yet represents a philosophical ideology. The Tidal Moonphase boasts all the specs to get passed the line of respect it takes to enter the watch community. The community is extremely inclusive, however this line is drawn at pieces of low quality or replicas. First and foremost, a sapphire crystal lens protects the Tidal’s intricate dial design. Sapphire, a hard material is both strong and scratch resistant. Kept from sight, the Tidal Moonphase houses a Swiss Ronda Movement, backed with a 2-year international warranty, all buyers can be assured this timepiece shall stand the test of time. No expense has been skipped, the caseback of the timepiece is also crafted from sapphire crystal, with added artwork tributed to the oceanic movements. The timepiece is fit to the wearers wrist by an Italian leather strap. Offering versatility to be worn with a polo on the weekend or under a shirt at the office.  A first timepiece should be one the wearer can rely on, can wear with the confidence that an odd bump won't be fatal to the watch, and should feature something special or unique that the wearer enjoys as part of the timepiece. 

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    Great read! I can’t wait for your store to launch.

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