Why 2020 is the year we’ll see great women's watches enter the market

You always hear of the watches great men wore on special days. July 21, 1969, when Neil Armstrong took his first steps on the moon, with the Omega Speedmaster strapped to his wrist. Or Martin Luther King and his famous 18K gold Rolex Datejust. Let's face it - the watch market is a male-dominated industry, in nearly every step of the value chain, including the final purchase. 

Female watches are often an afterthought. Preferences for smaller designs, lead manufacturers to neglect searching or innovating for slimmer movements of great quality but instead lead to the use of sub-grade materials and movements being used in female’s watches. To add salt to the wound, after the essence of horology was taken away from most women's watches, designers leaned heavily towards the use of (semi) precious stones and gems to be integrated into the design. A very personal taste, which has taken over a large segment of the female watch assortment - this design is received with thoughts of “jewellery wear” and straying from the core ethos of quality watchmaking. 

Regardless of their reputation within the watch world and by watch lovers, Daniel Wellington has done a miraculous job of bringing watches to the masses. The DW fashion wave has now seemed to blow over, leaving a whole millennial age group open and used to wearing a timepiece. Especially females. DW’s popularity within the female demographic was astonishing, minimalistic designs, clean finishings and lightweight caught young girls with a fashion watch that could be worn daily. 

Introducing a whole generation to watches was a feat to be proud of - but the ripple effects are seeming great. A generation of fashion watch wearers now know what it means and feels to own a timepiece. A great introduction piece - but simply not a piece of exquisite quality and story. Many girls and women are now moving on to their 2nd or 3rd watch purchase - looking for more than a slim dial and polished edgings. As manufacturers compete viciously for a saturated mens market - a female market is rapidly developing. Ladies are looking for movement quality, sapphire glass for added protection, warranty lifetime, material quality and a brand they can be proud of wearing and passing down. 

We designed the Tidal Moonphase to be the perfect uni-sex timepiece. At 39mm, the watch fits well into a neglected industry size, fitting perfectly between men’s and women’s ranges. A rounded case offers a slimming effect to the timepiece, as well as a flawless, edgeless design. A texted dial catches light and draws the viewer in. Whom which will not be disappointed, after discovering the moon phase subdial cut-out, exposing the moon phase wheel with exquisitely beautiful artwork upon it. All design features that should appeal to both genders, features that are displays of artisanship, craftsmanship and mindful design. Not merely the inclusion of stereotypical design cues based on gender.

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