How and why we designed the Tidal Moonphase to be UNISEX

Timepieces are often built to cater to a specific gender, male OR female. The reasoning behind the phenomenon is often attributed to preference, lifestyle and stereotyping. Women's watches are usually designed and produced with a 36mm - 38mm case diameter design, while men's watches usually range between 40mm - 46mm. There seems to be a grey area, an unwritten “no man's land” at 39mm. A size that hasn’t stereotypically been captured by either male or female watch designs. When we started Sekoni Original, we set out to make sure our first release was as accessible to anyone as possible. We aim to spread out fascination and interested in horology to the world. Through educating and having an open dialogue with our fans. By designing a watch that would be strictly offered to a Male or Female demographic, we would be going against our aim of broad inclusion.  


Our first challenge to overcome was to find the perfect sizing, that would suit both male and female audiences. We naturally looked into the lower ranges of men's sizes and higher size ranges for females. We set our design on a 39MM case diameter as it fits perfectly in-between conventional male and female sizings. Offering females a classic design, large enough to display the beautiful moon cycle tracker included in our Tidal Moonphase, while still being  slim enough to be used as the perfect understated fashion accessory. At 39MM, the timepiece fits well into any men's watch collection, a size that works well daily. Casually on the weekends, fit the wrist with a leather strap. Or formally worn under a suit shirt with a mesh steel strap. 

Design Cues

We’ve chosen to integrate universally intriguing design elements into our timepiece. Following Gestalt principles, we’ve worked to make viewing the Tidal Moonphase the most enjoyable experience possible. The Tidal Moonphase is flooded with design cues throughout. Some, a form of symbolism, others directly integrated for design and visual effect. A multi-layered and multi-textured dial draws in the viewer, offering an array of intricacies that discover each new element of the dial an adventurous occasion. A domed sapphire lens flawlessly integrates into the Tidal Moonphase’s case, the continuation effect is amplified, as the polished bezel curves seamlessly at an identical slope. The artwork on the case back features a hand-painted tribute to the ocean, the natural force of which is highly attributed to the moons gravitational effect. An often-overlooked element of every timepiece as the case back is usually against the skin and not in sight, is a sign of our internal standards - a vow to ourselves that each element of our timepiece is thought out and optimized for practicality and design. Read more about why we chose to design a moonphase watch here.


We’ve positioned the Tidal Moonphase as the ideal watch to start your collection, for both males and females. The timepiece features an elegant design, fit for formal attire at work or dinner. Its minimalistic design enables the watch to be worn down as well for casual wear. 

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  • Jim Seah

    Great read! I love the fact that your watches are unisex, then I can have a matching watch with my wife.

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