Which watch strap should you pick - leather strap or metal strap?

The question sounds so straightforward at first, metal or leather strap on your timepiece? However, as odd as it might seem - the two options differ from each other greatly. Leather offers a classical look. Lightweight. A natural material moulded and marked by the wearer. 

Steel appears boldly. A strong material, offering added durability. If polished, can appear to shine beautifully. The two materials offer such visually opposite elements, yet the debate doesn’t seem to be coming to any conclusions. The debate stretches to genders as well. We designed the Tidal Moonphase to be unisex, both mesh and leather straps are enjoyed widely between genders. The best method to pick which is the best option is to evaluate both against a set of variables: Weigh & Wear, Visual  Effect and Servicing.    

Weight & Wear:

Naturally, metal is a heavier material than leather. A metal mesh strap is more apparent on the wrist than a leather strap. Although it is not only heavier, there is a weight distribution effect between the two materials as well. When wearing a leather strap with the Tidal Moonphase, the weight of the timepiece is centred heavily on the centre of the wrist. The feeling compared to wearing a steel mesh bracelet would be “top-heavy” with much of the centre of gravity on top of the wrist. This feeling like the material feels very classical. A leather strap is a distinguished look. A feeling of heritage and story overcomes the bearer. A drawback, however, is sweat in conditions with high heat and humidity. 

Visual Elements: 

It’s visually were the two strap options truly separate themselves from each other. Leather generally blends into the background. It's all about being an understatement. A leather strap doesn't "steel" the show (pun intended), yet instead allows the timepiece itself to take centre stage, an area which often receives more effort and flair into its design. With age, a leather strap gains character. Micro wrinkles and scratches, along with texture wear, all add a unique touch on the visual effect, holding upon each strap, the life story of its existence. 

Mesh steel appears shiny due to the polished finishing throughout. An eye-catching effect. We’ve worked tirelessly on integration - matching the colour and curvature of our straps to our cases. Steel has connotations of durability and strength. When used finely and with impeccable design, the material also feels deco-modern. 


Both strap options require some basic servicing and activities to up keep their condition. Leather straps need care cream. A substance to prevent dry cracks, scratches and lengthen its lifetime use. Mesh steel needs to be washed with neutral soap and water, patted dry and have sand between links removed. Oil can be applied to any metal swivel points to prevent damage from constant wear. 

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