Best watches in 2020

It’s the change of the decade, days away from officially being back in the ’20s. It’s been an interesting year for horology. Rolex lived up to the market's expectations and released a new Batman Bezel GMT Master II. Timex took us back to the 60’s with their Timex Q 38mm. Apple released its new Series 5 Apple Watch - read more about traditional horology vs. smartwatches here.

We would personally like to go over our top 3 “affordable” watches going into 2020. 1 Diver. 1 Classic Dress Watch. 1 Wild Card. 

Affordable Diver: 

Looking to go into 2020 strong? Look no further than the Fillipo Loreti - Okeanos. A 42mm diver watch, featuring an Italian leather strap, water resistant to 100M and sapphire coated mineral glass. The Okeanos was released as a product extension after their largely popular Venice model. By using a japanese quartz movement, limiting water resistance to 100M and offering sapphire COATED lenses, Fillipo Loreti has been able to keep their pricing low enough to offer their watches to the mass market, while accepting neglect from the watch geek community. 

Classic Dress Watch: 

Raising over $50,000 via crowdfunding, our Tidal Moonphase has positioned itself as the go-to affordable moonphase timepiece as well as an ultimate start to a quality watch collection. The Tidal Moonphase features a Swiss movement, sapphire glass lens on the front and back, top grain Italian leather strap and the cherry on top - a free mesh strap with each order. At just $299 Sekoni Original have opted to offer specifications that are usually found on timepieces of a higher tier compared to our competitors. Lowering specifications to create margin is not part of our ethos - we have made a vow to introduce the masses to the beauty of horology and the communities of which its made of. Months of intentional design, multiple prototypes of straps, dials, hands, cases and artwork were worked through, in order to orchestrate a beautiful moonphase tracking timepiece - our Tidal Moonphase

The wild card: 

Introducing the Original Grain, Brew Master. Coming in at $299, the Brew Master is slightly more pricey than the last two options, however features a quirky design. Barrel wood has been integrated into the timepieces design throughout. It’s been integrated into the links, the entire bezel is crafted from wood and the foundation of the dial is wood as well. At it’s heart lays a a Japanese miyoto movement. Lacking a sapphire lens, the watch is protected by a mineral glass lens instead. Secured to the wrist by a double locking fold over clasp. Much like Fillipo Loreti, Original Grain only extended their range after an extremely successful model, which in their case was the Brew Master. 

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