A list of the best Moonphase watches (Price range from affordable to luxury)

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A natural phenomenon, the moon takes approximately 29.53 days to go one full cycle around the Earth. The beauty of the waxing and waning of the Moon also plays a functional role as it’s used by early Man to track the passing of time and create moon-based calendars. Inevitably, the Moon has been woven into the fabrics of timekeeping and is found on beautiful timepieces.

An uncommon complication throughout the world of horology, spotting moonphase watches is usually an occasion to remember. How watchmakers delicately integrate this piece of astrology and horology onto the face of a watch and how engineers design gears that allow for the tracking of this natural phenomenon intrigues many- so much so that any self-proclaimed watch lover has to own a moonphase watch in his or her collection of timepieces. In this blog, we will be highlighting our top 3 Moonphase watches, one priced in the premium segment, one for the mid-range, and one of the best affordable moonphase timepieces.

The Affordable Tidal Moonphase 

Sekoni Original Affordable and Luxury Tidal Moonphase Watch

At just $299, we designed the Tidal Moonphase to be the most affordable go-to moonphase watch and the ideal start to a quality watch collection. The Tidal moonphase boasts all of the specs and more it takes to be considered a quality timepiece. Sapphire glass protects the timepiece on top of the dial and over the case back. A Swiss movement was fit at the heart of the watch to ensure precision timekeeping. A textured dial grabs your attention, directing it to the main attraction - a moonphase complication to track a full moon cycle every 29.5 days. Each Tidal Moonphase sold with a 2-year international warranty - our clients can rest assured this timepiece is an investment purchase that can be worn with the assurance of enjoyment during its lifetime.

Shop our collection here: 

Sekoni Original Best Affordable and Luxury Moonphase watch for Men and Women

Mid Range Moonphase


Representing the mid-range market, Frederique Constant crafts timepieces that offer value to those that are ready to lay down their first investment in watches over $1,500. 

Their Slimline Classic Heart Beat Moonphase comes in at €1,575. Offering a minimalistic design, amplified by its curved case. A waffle iron textured dial and an open window at the 12 o'clock position to give sight into the beating 26 jewel movement which sits at its core. At just over 10% of the price of the Patek, the Frederique Constant is relatively more affordable, yet still not exactly affordable for the masses. 

Premium Haute Horology Moonphase

Patek Nautilus Moonphase Luxury Watch

When considering the most premium priced and elite moonphase timepiece, one has to look no further than to the godfather of Haute horology, Patek Philippe. Founded in 1839, Patek is widely accepted at the golden standard of horology, when considering craftsmanship, materials used, innovative designs and heritage. 

The Patek Philippe Ref# 5712/1A-001 stainless steel is a top of the line moonphase watch, featuring an intricate in-house movement crafted with 22K gold trimmings and rotor. The moonphase movement, in this case, has also been integrated into Patek’s Nautilus line, their most popular design, considered by the horology community as a timeless design that should strictly belong to the Patek range only. However, coming in at $80,000-$100,000, the Patek Ref#5712-/1A isn’t exactly accessible to all. 



The world of Horology boasts a wide array of watches varying in design, quality, and price point. From $10 watches that most of us remember wearing as young kids (I remember wearing a Mickey Mouse watch that flips up to tell you the time on its small digital screen when I was younger) to watch that costs hundreds of thousands that usually lies in the hands of well to do watch collectors. The question of whether a watch is worth its price is a question that has to be broken down further and we do so here. For now, we have listed the 3 moonphase watches that everyone should look out for in 2020 and beyond.

(We have recently written another blog with 10 of the best moonphase watches all of all. Click here to read it!)


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    Moonphase watches are generally really expensive and I appreciate you writing this blog, Bryan! It was a nice read.

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    As much as the Patek moonphase looks amazing, it’s just not affordable now. You’ve got a beautiful moonphase at a great affordable price. Good job Sekoni.

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