The Ronda Movement: A Stellar Choice for the Tidal Moonphase Timepiece

Navigating the world of watch movements can be a time-consuming and challenging task, especially with numerous quartz watch movements and mechanical movement options available. Watch movements are the heart and soul of a timepiece, as they drive the watch's functionality and directly impact its accuracy, reliability, and overall performance. Our team's horology expertise simplifies this process, but finding the perfect Ronda movements for our Tidal Moonphase still posed a challenge. The search for ideal watch movements involve considering various factors, such as accuracy deviation, power reserve, size dimensions, power source, complications offered, and ease of repairs and maintenance.

Accuracy is paramount, as a timepiece's primary function is to display time. After rigorous testing, we opted for Swiss Ronda movements with an impressive deviation of only -10/+20 seconds per month. In comparison, the Rolex caliber 3235, regarded as the gold standard of watches, deviates at -60/+60 seconds a month.


Who we chose

Our chosen Ronda movements boast an exceptional 5-year power reserve, capable of conserving up to 70% of the energy required by activating its 'hacking function'. By pulling the crown out one position, this function disengages the second hand from moving. Furthermore, extended battery life reduces the risk of damage to the caseback or movement during battery replacement by inexperienced jewelers.

A general rule for watch movement size is that more complications lead to a larger movement. Our unisex Tidal Moonphase, measuring 39mm in diameter and 9.15mm in thickness, is powered by the Ronda Cal. 708. This quartz movement effortlessly provides a 29.5-day counter to track a moon cycle while offering hours, minutes, seconds, and a date display, all housed within our polished 316L marine-grade stainless steel case.


The Ronda Movement Cal. 708

The Ronda Cal. 708, a quartz movement, is battery-powered, unlike mechanical movements that rely on the wearer's wrist motion. Our Tidal Moonphase is designed to be the perfect starting point for a watch collection, making the quartz watch movement an ideal choice. It eliminates the need for periodic servicing. Mechanical movements can be sensitive to bumps and drops, potentially disrupting their delicate inner workings. For instance, many golfers refrain from wearing mechanical watches while playing due to the shock transferred from the club to the wrist.

There is no 'one-size-fits-all' approach to choosing ideal quartz watch movements for our timepieces. Each movement offers unique benefits, such as accuracy, price, reliability, robustness, size, and featured complications. The Swiss Ronda movements, with its quartz watch movement and Swiss parts, is an outstanding option for both horology novices and enthusiasts who appreciate the exceptional caliber number and intricate workings of this remarkable timepiece.


Other Watch Movements We Considered


We decided to go with Ronda movements because they are accurate, reliable, and have helpful features like moon phase, date display, and standard timekeeping functions. Although other watch movements perform similarly to the Ronda Cal. 708, we found it the best choice for our needs. Here are a few examples:

  1. Miyota 6P80: These are Japanese quartz watch movements from the Citizen Group, the Miyota 6P80 also includes a moon phase complication, date display, and standard timekeeping functions. It is a popular alternative for watch manufacturers seeking a reliable and accurate quartz movement with these features.
  2. ISA 8171/202: A Swiss quartz watch movement, the ISA 8171/202 offers a moon phase complication, date function, and standard timekeeping features. Brands often use this watch movement for a Swiss parts option with similar complications to the Ronda Cal. 708.
  3. Seiko VD87: The Seiko VD87 is a Japanese quartz movement with a moon phase complication, date display, and standard timekeeping functions. Seiko is known for its high-quality movements, making the VD87 a reliable and accurate choice for watch manufacturers.
  4. ETA 280.002: A Swiss quartz movement from ETA, a subsidiary of the Swatch Group, the ETA 280.002 is a reliable and accurate movement that includes a moon phase complication, date function, and standard timekeeping features. Its reputation for quality makes it a popular choice among watch manufacturers looking to add swiss parts to their timepieces.

These quartz watch movements have similarities with the Ronda Cal. 708 as they provide moon phase complications, date displays, and accurate timekeeping. Nonetheless, it's crucial to consider other aspects like power reserve, dimensions, and brand reputation when selecting the most suitable option for your particular watch design.


Want to learn more about quartz watch movements and other types of watch movements? Check out our detailed blog here.

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    Swiss and Japanese movements work well for me.

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