Why Moonphase watches are the next trend

A trend is defined as a general direction in which something is developing or changing. The moonphase watch market is evolving in an interesting fashion. Considering the number of watches on offer featuring a moonphase complication, It’s relative size within the watch industry is diminishing. A classic complication, that was forgotten largely when the entry-level/ fashion watch market started its growth phase. However, demand for moonphase watches is increasing substantially, as the mass market of watch wearers further there interest in horology and the niches within. 

Why A Moonphase Watch Should Be In Every Collection: 

A Moonphase watch is usually bought as a second, third or fourth watch in a watch collection. It’s a trend you come across time and time again when asking around in the watch community. Moonphase watches are obviously intriguing to both the average consumer and watch collector. Pulling the trigger and purchasing a moonphase timepiece almost seems to be a solidifying step into the route of being a true horology fanatic. A moonphase truly beautifully in a horological sense. A complication to track either day/night moon phases or monthly (29.5 day) moon phases. A moonphase is often an understated complication, small displays or lack of watch knowledge will often let a moonphase timepiece go unnoticed. Owning one affirms ones love for horology within, to possess a watch with such a complex and connected feature. 

Complex Feature Mixes With Artisan Design: 

Its without a doubt that the moonphase complication is widely popular due to its aesthetic appeal. Complications such as day, date, month and week indicators, are often designed to display numerals or letters. A factor of horology which has remained relatively unchanged since its beginnings. However the moonphase gives designers the opportunity to inflict their personal flair onto the indicator wheel. This opportunity is often met with beautiful moonphase wheels, displaying the gradual integration of night and day. 

The Sekoni Original Tidal Moonphase:

The Tidal Moon Phase displays an oversized moonphase indicator. Below it lays a Swiss Ronda movement, built to precisely track each 29.5-day moon cycle. The dial cut-away enables the wheel indicator to display the waxing and waning phases of each moon cycle.  The design of a large moon phase serves well to the watches ability to work in a range of environments. Encompassing the majority of the space above the equator of the dial, the moonphase offers a decorative look, allowing for the Tidal Moonphase to be worn as a casual accessory. Surrounded by polished stainless steel finishings and classical arms, the moonphase is engulfed in a sleek yet boldly finished housing, allowing it to be worn for formal functions and events. 

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  • Jonathan

    Moonphase watches are a thing of beauty. Great blog!

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