Why a watch is the perfect gift

We touched on the point that everybody remembers their first timepiece in our article about ‘why the Tidal Moonphase is the ideal start to a watch collection’.

Your first will always hold a special place in your heart, yet each watch that enters your collection comes with a special memory and provides a blank canvas for life to leave its artistic markings upon and within. 

Each watch comes with a great memory. 

A watch usually enters your collection through great events. A special person might gift one to you, it could be passed down from a loved one or be a treat to yourself after reaching a milestone in life. 

A new timepiece can be beautifully symbolic and often quite literal as well. For an individual who lives an extreme lifestyle, that involves ruggedness and battling the natural elements - being gifted a diver watch shows the purchaser truly thought of their character when shopping for the perfect gift. 

A watch that’s handed down from one generation to the next is a realization of time and the natural cycles that occur. A quality timepiece that’s already collected years of memories, becomes set for its next lifetime. On a new wrist, within a world that changes so rapidly, will be one of the few elements that remain a constant. 

Purchasing your own timepiece is a feat and can feel like a moment of greatness. Watches are great milestone symbols, as a quality watch requires at least a small investment, yet will stand the test of time (no pun intended). A contestant tribute to a period in life. Read more about why ‘Purchasing The Tidal Moonphase Is A Sound Investment (LINK)”, especially after considering the 5-year international warranty provided. It’s the timepieces that one buys for themselves to mark a milestone in their life which make great discussion pieces and are often handed down a generation, offering lessons of determination, will and persistence along with them. 

A great timepiece becomes a canvas

We don’t believe in treating your daily watch like a piece of fine porcelain. However, we don’t encourage recklessness either. Our point is that worrying 24/7 about small bumps or brushes against other materials isn’t great for your sanity, and there is a true beauty to the inevitable small blemishes collected over time. Much like wrinkles on an ageing face symbolises life experience, travel, sadness, laughter and the roller coaster life truly is. Minor markings on a timepiece have a direct link to your daily life and what you’ve been through with your timepiece. 

We understand that worrying for the well-being of your timepiece is inevitable, so we’ve made sure to keep you covered. Sapphire lenses have been used on both the front and back of the Tidal Moonphase, a hard material that features extreme scratch resistance. The case has been moulded from 316L marine grade stainless steel, secure against rust and the natural elements due to its low carbon structure.

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