9 Interesting Facts about the Moon


“The Moon was but a Chin of Gold

A Night or two ago —

And now she turns Her perfect Face

Upon the World below —”



For all of us stargazers, the Moon holds a special place in our hearts. From poems to songs, it is our one muse in happiness and misery, love and longing. Science will tell you many “interesting” facts about the Moon, but none can do justice to the spiritual depth it instigates within us. The Moon is deeply connected with different astrological meanings, with different cultures, and traditions. Here are such facts about the Moon that will surely grab your attention:

  1. Early Perceptions

The earliest perception about the Moon was that it was a smooth mirror-like body that reflected the Earth’s seas and mountains. The ancient spiritual concept that the Moon is a cultural mirror of faith, beliefs, and perspectives, comes from this idea. Only after Galileo invented the telescope in 1609 and saw the moon, (then was it) it was discovered that the Moon’s surface is rugged and filled with craters. 


Full moon and branches by Ganaparthy Kumar
[Image of Full moon and branches by Ganaparthy Kumar via Unsplash]
  1. The Incas and Lunar Eclipse

Did you know that the Incas would howl at the moon during a lunar eclipse? Imagine the people making lots of noise, beating up their dogs and pets to make them howl, and aiming spears towards the moon. They believed that the moon was being attacked by a jaguar, and that’s why all the ruckus!


  1. The Moon Sign in Astrology

Just like your Sun sign determines important aspects of your personality, so does your Moon sign. Your Moon sign explores the mysterious depths of your character, your internal reaction to different life experiences. It reflects your emotions and sensitivities, your most vulnerable profiles. 

In Astrology, the Moon rules Cancer. As mentioned earlier, it is a mirror to the emotions and vulnerabilities of our inner selves. The Moon is also a strong symbol of feminine energy, especially the mother’s role. It is representative of your innate motherly instincts, your caring and protective side.


[Image of New Moon in Cancer for the 12 Zodiac Signs via Indastro]

  1. Super Blood Wolf Moon

Intriguing name, isn’t it? Read on to know what it’s about. You must have heard of the “Blood Moon”. Often, during a total lunar eclipse, the moon appears as “blood” red or ruddy-brown. The last blood moon, which was in January 2019, actually coincided with the Full Wolf Moon and the Supermoon. Thus the name, Super Blood Wolf Moon. Check here to know when the next lunar eclipse is due.

 The full moon during a 'blood moon' eclipse as seen from the town of Kazanlak Bulgaria on July 27, 2018 by DMITAR DILKOFF

[Image of the full moon during a 'blood moon' eclipse as seen from the town of Kazanlak Bulgaria on July 27, 2018 by DMITAR DILKOFF via AFP/Getty]

In several cultures, the Blood Moon was regarded as a result of evil intent. Ancient Mesopotamians were believers that the Blood Moon posed a threat to their Monarch. As they were able to predict lunar eclipses, they would get a proxy King posing as the Monarch till the eclipse lasted. 

  1. Moon and Phases

You do know that the moon goes through different phases during the lunar cycle. But did you know, the phases have spiritual significance as well? The waning phase means letting go and accepting loss, and the New Moon signifies a new beginning or a fresh start. While waxing manifests positive growth, the full moon reflects fulfillment and success. Watch the phase and the live view of the Moon here. Also, watch the moon phase Singapore today here.

[The eight phases of the Moon via Timeanddate.com]


  1. Moonphase Watches

A moon watch’s origins date back to the 16th century and are used to track the lunar cycle in a month (29.5 days). They display the days on which the moon will be luminous. A moon watch not only has an aesthetic appeal but also helps you plan your monthly rituals and meetings according to the lunar calendar.


  1. Moon In Chinese Culture

The Moon symbolizes gentleness and brightness in Chinese culture. In the ancient Chinese philosophy of Yin and Yang or the light and dark duality, the moon stands for Yin, while the Sun is equivalent to Yang. The Yin Yang duality shows the interweaving and harmony between opposite energies.

Yin Yang
[Image of Yin Yang via Wikipedia]


The Chinese also celebrates a festival on the 15th day of the 8th month of the lunar calendar, known as Mid-Autumn Festival or Moon Festival. This festival signifies family reunion, a day of feast and enjoyment with one’s family. In Chinese, a full moon (月圆, Yuè yuán) rhymes with reunion (团圆, Tuán yuán) therefore making the full moon a significant occasion for the reunion of families. Isn’t this such a beautiful reminder of familial ties and a sense of belonging?

  1. Moon, and trees?

Did the heading surprise you? It is a fascinating fact indeed. On Apollo 14, launched in January 1971, along with astronauts Alan Shepard and Edgar Mitchell, traveled Stuart Roosa, a former US forest service official.

As his other companions went ahead to walk on the moon, Roosa remained in the command module, guarding hundreds of seeds he had carried with him. On their return, the seeds were planted all over the United States and the world, most of them grew and are still healthy. They are known as the Moon Trees. 

 Moon in tuam county galway, Ireland
[Image of Moon in Tuam county galway, Ireland via Getty]


The Moon has been the perpetual symbol of tranquility and calm. There is always so much more to know about its mystic beauty and significance. You can learn about the cultural connotations about the Moon in more details here.

(Written by: Purvi Jagnani)

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