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Transcending Borders To Pursue Dreams | Ruperto | EP 19

This episode’s guest is Ruperto, Innovation Account Executive & Startup Scout at Startupbootcamp. Ruperto shared about his international exposure, interesting startup trends, what it means to be a leader, and much more!

The Uniqueness of Generation Z | Jake | EP 18

This episode’s guest is Jake, Founder of Trndsttrs,  a Gen Z ad agency that helps brands understand and reach Generation Z consumers. Jake shares about his entrepreneurial journey, what is unique about Gen Z, the different phases of personal and business development, and much more!

Being Comfortable In Uncomfortable Situations | Pablo | EP 17
This episode’s guest is Pablo, Co-Founder of Arextech, a Canadian Proptech start-up. Pablo shares about his international exposure, how he manages uncomfortable situations, why it’s important to stay true to yourself, and much more!
From Side-Hustle To Full-Time Entrepreneurs | Ethan & Travis | EP 16

This episode’s guests are Ethan and Travis, Co-Founders of Collaro, a custom menswear brand. Ethan and Travis shared about their journey of turning Collaro from a side hustle into a full-time business, how they set themselves up for success, some advice for aspiring entrepreneurs, and much more!

The Best Approach to Developing Soft Skills | Felix | EP 15

This episode’s guest is Felix, Founder of Skilio, an edtech startup that measures and tracks soft skill development in youth. Felix talks about the importance of soft skills, how you can develop your soft skills, some useful habits that he employs, and much more!

A Masterclass On Mindset & Entrepreneurship | Melvin | EP 14
This episode’s guest is Melvin, Co-Founder of Enlightened Profits, uplifting the business community by providing transformational solutions for entrepreneurs. Melvin shares about his personal entrepreneurship journey, advice for aspiring entrepreneurs, how you can build up your personal value, and much more!
The Impact of Business Strategy | Zachary | EP 13
This episode’s guest is Zachary, Chief Strategist of Underdog Strategy, where he enjoys helping underdog businesses take on the Goliaths in their industry. Zachary talks about the concept of strategy, some strategies startups and smaller companies can adopt, how to learn more about strategy, and much more!
Adopting A Different Perspective | Thaddaeus | EP 12

This episode’s guest is Thaddaeus, Founder of The Bullish Agency, where they help stock market coaches grow and scale their businesses. Thaddaeus shares about how he got interested in entrepreneurship, how he managed to find his passion, advice for aspiring entrepreneurs, and much more!

Creating Your Personal Message | Darryl | EP 11

This episode’s guest is Darryl, Founder of Calibrating Your Inner GPS. Darryl shared how he found purpose in his life, how all of us can find our own story and message, some basic resources for you to get started today, and much more!