Our vision: Build the one watch that works for everyone.

To be at the forefront of design, functionality, and technology in the wearables market.
Hybrid watches.
The solution

Struggling to find a smartwatch that matches your outfits?

We have the solution. The first-ever customisable hybrid smartwatch. Coming to you Feb 2021 through Kickstarter. 

First podcast coming out on the 16th! Mark your calendars.
Who are we?

We are Bryan, Marcus, Surekha, Xin Wei, Brynham, Yawen, Denzel, Justina, Zi Xiang, and thousands more around the world. We believe in creating and consuming great products, with meaning

Speak to us through your favourite social media channels. New podcasts and YouTube videos released regularly. 

Grow with us
Traditional watches.

Love the nostalgic elements of traditional analogue watches?

We design with meaning. Every element on our products serve a purpose- design or functional. Only the best materials used. 

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