Tidal Moonphase

Tidal Moonphase

Our first design series, Tidal Moonphase was released on Kickstarter on 30 July 2019. Early adopters rushed in to support us, funding our campaign in lesser than 48 hours. The rest is history...

Our Kickstarter Video

At the core of what we do is
Attention to detail

Every detail on Tidal Moonphase is well thought out and carefully selected to ensure balance and beauty.

The wave-like guilloche dials, applied indices, beaded minute markers marking out the significance of every minute, and the Moonphase Function.

These design elements are merged together to form Tidal Moonphase.

The Moon, Earth’s biggest satellite, hangs beautifully in our night sky. A fundamental basis of our calendars, the Moon revolves around us each day - affecting us in more ways than we know. A Moon Cycle is when the Moon revolves one round around earth. This cycle takes about 29.5 days and we have gears in the watch that tracks this.
Caseback design

Ensuring that a watch will look and feel great all around is of utmost importance to us.

We wanted to incorporate an artwork into the back of the watch, and began sketching out rough ideas.


The artwork is only 4 hair strengths thick. Fret not, its strong. We put it in the oven for 6 hours to strengthen it.

A thoughtful touch in placing a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal on top of the artwork ensures full protection.

Now, your watch can look good on and off your wrists.

What our customers say...

What attracted me was the moon, and which also allows me to know when it’s full moon. Kind of related to me and my love as we always admire the moon.

Singapore Sekoni Original Affordable Tidal Moonphase Watch Review
Elvis L, Singapore

Having compared watches from several brands and owning a few, the distinct look of the Tidal Moonphase and quality used was too good to pass up.

United Kingdom Sekoni Original Affordable Tidal Moonphase Watch Review
David W, United Kingdom
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