Sekoni Original is loved by wearers in over 40 countries. Founded in 2019 in Singapore, hear what wearers and watch experts say about Sekoni Original and Tidal Moonphase!

Search for ideal timepiece

Back in 2018...

A 20-something year old with a liking for semi-formal/formal outfits, no watch our founder Bryan found spoke to him.

This pursuit of his ideal timepiece led to sketches, then to 3D renders. 7 month later, Tidal moonphase was born.

Still, watchmaking is an expensive business to be in. Through the trust and support our Kickstarter backers gave us, Sekoni was brought to live with a $50,000+ campaign. Now, wearers from over 40 countries proudly don Tidal Moonphase.

At Sekoni, we believe that the timepieces you wear reflect your character to the world around you and more importantly, to yourself.

This is why we've placed the utmost effort and attention to detail to the creation of the watch, soyou can wear a timepiece that you know is expertly crafted, thoughtfully made.

Will you be part of our movement?