Learning with Young Leaders

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This podcast is an initiative by the Sekoni Original team to bring valuable content that would help people in their own personal journey.

Through interviews with young leaders from a diverse range of backgrounds including entrepreneurs, consultants and bankers, we hope you can pick up valuable and actionable tips through their stories that would help you become a successful young leader yourself!

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Latest Episodes

Episode 13

Zachary talks about the concept of strategy, some strategies startups and smaller companies can adopt, how to learn more about strategy, and much more!

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Episode 12

Thaddaeus shares about how he got interested in entrepreneurship, how he managed to find his passion, advice for aspiring entrepreneurs, and much more!

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Episode 11

Darryl shared how he found purpose in his life, how all of us can find our own story and message, some basic resources for you to get started today, and much more!

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Show Notes

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Learning together
Why podcast?

We wanted to capture the stories of unique individuals and share their experiences in a relatable way for people to learn from.

In our journey of building a brand from scratch, we ourselves have benefitted from countless conversations with successful leaders.

So, we thought, why not share these conversations with the wider community so that everybody can benefit from them?

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Ask and you'll receive. Sometimes you ask but you don't receive, but if you don't ask, then you'll never receive it. 

Regine, Consultant, McKinsey & Co

It doesn't matter whether you think you have the substance. You just need to believe in whatever you have and you just go for it.

Benjamin, Private Equity and Founder of Kinobi