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Tidal Moonphase has reached out to customers from over 30 countries. With 5-years warranty and 14-days free return, our timepiece promises uncompromising quality.

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KTT Blog

"We often say that the caseback of a watch is like the artwork that comes with a music album.

It’s real estate on the watch to give some specs, convey a message, and even display a work of art.

Sekoni Original achieved this in an unconventional way by using an exhibition style caseback."



The watch looks luxurious, punching way above its price point.

Macro Marvin (YouTube)
California, United States

We’re pleasantly surprised by the use of sapphire crystals on the top and bottom. An alarming number of microbrand watches in the crowdfunded arena are made to look like tool watches, but come equipped with mineral crystals.

Keep The Time (YouTube)
Los Angeles, CA

A lot of dress watches from other Swiss brands are using the same Ronda Quartz movement... and they charge an arm and a leg for their watches. If you want something at that kind of quality, you can check this out. It's really, really affordable.

Watch Addiction Watch Reviews (YouTube)
United States

I received mine a year ago, and I've been wearing it every day since.

Charlotte (Google Reviews)

Purchased two watches recently and was pleasantly surprised by the impeccable quality of the watch faces and case art.

Andrew (Google Reviews)