What is Sekoni?

Literally, it means Seko (Favorable in Latin) and Koniglich (Royal in German)

Traditional timepieces with strong themes inspired by personas and stories.

An intriguing take on traditional watches.

Every piece tells a unique and compelling story.

Watches are wearable pieces of art, extensions of your character. From dial to strap, components of our watches are curated with intent to tell that story.

We echo your core beliefs through unique timepieces.

Longevity in design and in use.

We’re not fast-fashion- our designs speaks to evergreen themes.

Each watch is backed with a 5 year international warranty so you can be confident of its durability.

Inclusive pricing.

Not only for the privileged.

We are priced reasonably so more can enjoy the benefits of a well-designed watch. And so you can own more than one.

Our Team.

Bryan Koh

Founder of Sekoni Original

His favourite word is chill~ He enjoys working out and spending quality time with his loved ones in his free time. (Fun Fact: He is a big fan of audio books and has been recommending at least one every week)

Apurva Patil

Sekoni Watch Designer

Besides designing watches, she is also a Part-time Dora The Explorer during the weekends. She enjoys the good old nature and loves cooking up her own meals. (Fun fact: She's been working remotely ever since joining the team!)

Audrey Chew

Sekoni Marketing Strategist 

She loves everything music-related. Her current favourite tune is "Singing In The Rain" - a classic Hollywood soundtrack. (Fun Fact: Despite her love for good tunes, she mishears lyrics most of the time.)