Why purchasing TIDAL MOONPHASE is an economically sound purchase

Most quality goods often come with great warranty deals to back up the sellers promises, and help justify the sharp premium that has to be paid to purchase this high quality product. Limited not only to horology, lengthy warranties can be found matched with expensive goods in the automotive, engineering, real estate and various other industries.

Why do some brands offer short and limited warranty offers? They simply know that their default rate will be too high over time and offering an extended warranty would cost them too much. We’ve done a little research, and for watches in the same price range as the TIDAL MOONPHASE, the average warranty period is about a year. And let's not even get into some of the fine print that excludes lists of pieces on the timepieces that won’t be covered by the warranty.

We believe in our product. We haven’t cut cost on production at any stage. A motif within the watch industry is inequality in terms of pieces used within the same timepiece. Brands will often invest in only one specification, market this specification intensely and cannot offer decent warranty while knowing the rest of their timepiece probably will not hold up. We would love to invite you to read our article on why the Tidal Moonphase is a great start to a watch collection, but if you don’t have the time - we’ve seriously striven to include top tier materials throughout the timepiece. Italian full grain leather straps, marine grade 316L stainless steel, Swiss movement and sapphire glass throughout are just some of the quick call out points our TIDAL MOONPHASE boasts. Knowing this gives us the confidence to offer all of our customers a 5 YEAR WARRANTY, which backs up any production error from our side or default down the line.

Now let's do some math….

The Tidal Moonphase retails for $210USD. As long as you keep it safe yourself, the watch is covered by its warranty period for 5 years, thats 1825 days. Not including any extra days added for the leap year. 

$210 USD / 1825 Days = 0.12 cents per day. After rounding up….

You can rest assured for a mere 12 cents a day that not only will you have an amazing conversation starter of a timepiece for the next 5 years, but that it's covered for 5 years by our international warranty. This is usually the time when we are supposed to say “For just the price of an……everyday”, but seriously - what can you buy in 2019 for 12 cents?!

The fact that a 5 year warranty is uncommon for a timepiece which retails for $210, serves as a true indicator of our value proposition. We’ve tried to break free of the conventional chains of the watch and e-commerce industry. What we’ve found works well for us is to always go straight to our consumer! Read about how Bryan, Founder of Sekoni Original, used an innovative approach to Kickstarter- Livefunding- to reach our funding goal with 48 hours. By going straight to the consumer through our new e-commerce site, we are able to remove a lot of unnecessary costs that usually fall onto the customer to absorb. These savings on our side instead get re-invested back into the product, helping us offer all of the above mentioned specs into the TIDAL MOONPHASE.

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