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"A portrait of us when we’re making it, and a portrait of you when you own it."

Our designer Apurva has been working hard over the past 4 months, iterating the designs of the watch face, watch hands and even the type for numerals. Here is what she has to say about our upcoming series:

A month ago, we were looking for our next source of inspiration to build a brand-new timepiece that speaks another chapter of our story. While we shortlisted themes like sporty, casual, minimalist, we tried to find one that is a balance of all. Thus arose the theme for our next watch design- Athleisure.

While trying to find a watch that would speak to the individuals who love athleisure, we could not find one that truly captured its essence. With this identified gap, began our journey of discovering, understanding, experiencing the athleisure and designing for the individuals who lives "athleisure".

So, what is athleisure then, and what did we make of it?

Athleisure Meaning


Athleisure is a combination of athletics and leisure, and that is exactly what this is. With features derived from athletic wear effortlessly amalgamate into more casual and comfortable settings, we design the next series with style.

We like to say that it is comfort and style in motion.

What we have been trying to do is to capture this very spirit of athleisure into one of our time pieces.

Before any project, you have to do some research. So, we embarked on our search for themes in early January. Scanning through athleisure, fashion trends, brands, watches and blogs, talking to people to find out more about their preferences and staring at thousands of pictures, trying to make meaning out of them.

Research for Athleisure

Our versions and definitions for athleisure put together by the countless mood boards, inspiration boards and words justify and represent what this trend stands for –  comfort, motion and style.

We wanted to do our best to reflect these attributes in every tiny detail of our watch. Right from the case to the movement and everything on the dial, wanting each watch component to be connected and synchronized with our theme.

Beginning with the case – the largest component of the watch that rubs against the skin, our timepiece should fit and feel seamless with no harsh edges, just smooth curves and surfaces, seemingly like yoga pants that effortlessly curve along to your body.

Of course, we didn’t get it right the first time, nor the 50th time. We were diverging and converging in so many different directions and on so many different designs.

Case Exploration

After hundreds of iterations, we finally found the one we love, the one that truly speaks athleisure to us.
Final Case Design
Moving on from the details of the case, we start on the dial. Initially we thought we would get it done within two weeks, but boy, were we wrong about that. We were setting timelines and deadlines, and then life hit us with a reality check. We had to put in extra attention to perfect the dial down to every single element.

We spent about two months trying to achieve the perfect dial.

Dial Exploration

So much time spent on each tiny detail - the size, the markers, the auditorium, the bezel, the texture the materials, sub dials, the date window, where our logo would go, colours, so much to do! But every single day brought us closer to the final picture we were trying to paint, one that we would proud of, one that we would be sure of.

Now, we’re finally closing down on the last details for our athleisure dial and it feels incredible landing on the dial that speaks it all. With complementary parts like the strap, case back, materials, and colours in place, we are excited to get this watch finished and brought to you. We hope it creates a story for you just like it did for us.

Final Athleisure Design
Each of our designs is like a portrait. A portrait of us when we’re making it, and a portrait of you when you own it. We’re looking forward to releasing these time pieces, we love them, hope you do too!

Let us know what you would like to see in our upcoming designs and your favourite design may end up on our next watch series!

[Last Updated: 9 April 2021]


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