How Sekoni Original carried out an innovative crowdfunding approach to reach full funding within 48 hours.

With platforms such as Kickstarter rising in popularity as a platform for consumers to find innovative products lead by independent teams, and giving brands the opportunity to raise capital and forecast demand before going into production, it’s no surprise Kickstarter stats from 2019 show that the platform has received more than $4 billion in pledges from 16.3 million backers to fund over 445,000 projects. 

Despite Kickstarters impressive organic daily audience and popularity, over 60% of campaigns fail. Competition is high and brands still have to be able to convince consumers that their value proposition is worth trading their dollar for. 

Bryan (right) and Ryan (Co-founder of WTP, left) addressing the 165 attendees of Sekoni Original Kickstarter Launch Party held at Millenia Walk.

(Bryan, right, and Ryan, co-founder of We The People on the left, addressing the 165 attendees of Sekoni Original Kickstarter Launch Party)

Bryan, founder of Sekoni Original and industry visionary took an innovative approach to crowdfunding to make his dream possible. The approach - Live Funding. Sekoni’s kickstarter launch was celebrated with a live event, in collaboration with We The People in Singapore. Unlike most self-fulfilling launch events, Bryan was surprisingly not the center of attention or considered the main event, instead Sekoni’s first product, the Tidal Moonphase timepiece was on show for attendees to touch, feel, try on and experience first hand. 

Later during the event, Bryan gave a full presentation covering the brands story, explaining why Sekoni was founded and some design specs to look out for, that only the die hard watch community would notice. After the presentation, Sekoni’s Kickstarter campaign officially went live. Attendees who admired the timepieces, were able to execute their purchase at an early bird price on the spot with their smartphones. 

 “The event was held to directly pitch our product to the local Singapore audience. Some markets like the watch industry are already too saturated. Unfortunately, we see a lot of brands led by a few good marketing shots, some decent copy writing and an inauthentic brand story. We believe in our product, we believe in ourselves and there is no method by which we can offer more security to the consumer, than to be able to give them the chance to meet a brand owner, someone they can hold accountable, as well as feel the product in hand before they purchase it. This a test on the generic retail model as well, as retail shrinks due to e-commerce it has to evolve. Retail should become more experience-based, and there is no reason why retail shouldn’t be leveraged to amplify our commerce results either.” 
Tidal Moonphase Watch Display
Tidal Moonphase Showcase @ We The People.Attendees trying on Tidal Moonphase Watch for the first time Attendees trying on Tidal Moonphase at our launch party!

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