NetKraken is a SCAM- please do not put your money in it

If you're reading this, NetKraken ( is probably asking you to put in some money into the account so you can withdraw more.

I just got scammed USD3k on 27 Nov 2021 and am here to warn you about it so the same thing doesn't happen to you. It may seem convincing, you may have been chatting with the person you're making a deal with for a couple of weeks, and this may seem like a legitimate step to make in order to withdraw the BitCoin out.

You will NEVER get the money. I'd repeat, NEVER. Please, for the sake of not allowing these scammers to win, you can contact me at and I can share more with you. Alternatively, watch this video and you'll learn exactly how they do what they do.

I Googled and found nothing on them and decided to go ahead with it. Now that I've been scammed, I'm putting this out there, running Google Adwords on the "NetKraken" keyword, so that anyone about the get scammed will not suffer the same loss as I did. 

Don't waste you hard earned money on this. The money in the account isn't real. Copy your BTC address to this website and see that there's no transaction on the actual wallet:

Again, you can contact me at if you are still thinking if this is a scam and need more convincing that the money is not real. I really hope no one else falls into the same fate as I did yesterday. 

To the NetKraken team reading this, kudos on this grand scam. You got me. I hope no one else falls into the same fate. 


  • Pelle Hendrix

    Good job. I am also being scammed by it is the same website but different name. Lost 10k USD…

  • James Greening

    Hi Bryan, thank you for sharing your experience. I have linked to this blog post on my article about Netkraken:

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