Where Passion Meets Profession | Min | EP 06

Where Passion Meets Profession | Min | EP 06


The Clash Between Passion and Profession

Over the years, there have been multiple conflicting arguments over which factors we should take into account when planning out our career. Too often, professionals complain incessantly about their jobs and their hatred for their daily responsibilities. This is why it is imperative that we find the intersection of our best skills and strongest interests.

Today, we speak to Min, an entrepreneur who managed to start her own businesses out of her passion and interests.

Who is Min?

Min is a 23 years old full-time university student at SIM-UOL. As she grew more interested in entrepreneurship over the years, Min set up multiple businesses in various areas. 

Her first venture was an events company - Klokkev.Inc, which she is still running today. Her second venture was a fashion apparel company which didn’t work out too well. Her third venture is shop.tofuskin, a distributorship business and her latest startup is The Acai Duo, which was born out of an opportunity during the COVID situation. 

Min’s ultimate goal is to own several properties in and out of Singapore, as well as attain financial freedom.

Doing What You Love

One interesting fact about Min’s many ventures is that they stemmed from her personal interests. Shop.tofuskin came about because of her own personal struggles with eczema and sensitive skin, while The Acai Duo was created from her love for Acai and the lack of options for Acai in the Northern part of Singapore.

By starting businesses out of her passion, Min is able to relate to consumers’ needs and deliver products that they love. At the same time, she is motivated to improve because she wants to create something better for herself.

Learning From Mistakes

During the interview, I asked Min how she picked up the skills to manage a business. She shared that she learnt from her own experiences, rather than having a mentor. Describing it as “paying for her mistakes”, she quoted an example of how she once ran a Facebook advertisement worth hundreds of dollars, only to realise that she was advertising a blank page.

"Mistakes you pay for will stick with you for life. It's like a tattoo that never goes away"

This is one lesson we should take note of - sometimes, the best form of learning is through mistakes. We shouldn’t be afraid to make mistakes, it is how we correct them that is important.

Patience Is Key

A lot of people want to get rich quick, or attain success overnight. What most people don’t realise is the amount of effort and persistence required to get to that stage. As Min mentioned in the interview, we need to think about the power of accumulation.

While little details may go unnoticed in the short-run, it will amount to something substantial as long as we have the patience to build it for the long-term. Remember, patience is key!

Some questions I asked:

  • Growing up, were you always interested in starting your own business? (01:28)
  • How do you pick up the skills to manage a business? (11:27)
  • How are you managing school and work? (14:01)

In this episode, you will learn:

  • Min’s first events business, Klokkev (02:58)
  • Time management and planning habits (16:58)
  • Amount of capital required to start a business (20:14)

Show notes:

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