Transcending Borders To Pursue Dreams | Ruperto | EP 19

Transcending Borders To Pursue Dreams | Ruperto | EP 19

As a Singaporean, I’m very glad and fortunate to be living in such a safe and peaceful country, where our safety and well-being is not in question. While there are contentious issues that pop up from time to time, most Singaporeans generally lead a comfortable life.

However, there are some countries where their citizens are not as fortunate as us. In this episode, we speak to Ruperto, a Venezuelan who chose to leave his country due to the sociopolitical crisis in the country.

Who is Ruperto?

Ruperto is a 28-years old Venezuelan. After an engineering degree and management consulting experience, Ruperto moved to Europe to run away from the sociopolitical crisis in the country and did his Master's in Industrial Management and Innovation at Uppsala University, Sweden. 

His Master's thesis was about the Entrepreneurial Leadership in the Netherlands and that's how he joined the startup community of Amsterdam. Ruperto has been working for two years as a Startup Scout for the leading accelerator in Europe, Startupbootcamp, where he does research and engages with early-stage startups in industries like Commerce, FinTech, Digital Health, Media, and FashionTech!

"It's so amazing because you realise that we are all different, but at the same time, we are all together, all the same"

International Exposure

Ruperto has arguably the richest international exposure out of all the guests we’ve interviewed thus far. He was born in Venezuela, studied in Sweden, and is currently working in Amsterdam.

Given his rich international exposure, I wanted to get his opinion on the interesting experiences or differences he noticed between the different countries. Ruperto commented on the culture being the most interesting thing, and he feels that it’s amazing how we are largely the same despite certain differences.

Important Traits Of A Founder

With his extensive scouting experience for start-ups, I wanted to get his inputs on what he looks out for in founders as well. One particular trait he highlighted was coachability, where someone should be humble and willing to accept help from mentors and investors.

Being able to relate to the problem is a bonus too. The story behind their founding is really important because that is what will give the founders the motivation to accomplish their goals!

Everyone Is A Leader

We briefly touched on the topic of leadership as well. Ruperto shared that everybody can be a leader in their own environment, be it through their energy, motivation or fun-spirited nature.

I could resonate with this belief of his, and I strongly encourage everyone to find their own “leadership factor” that they can spread to people around them!

Some questions I asked:

  • Can you share more about your background and international exposure? (01:21)
  • How did it feel like having to leave everything behind and moving into a different city? (07:15)
  • What are you looking for specifically in a team? (16:04)

In this episode, you will learn:

  • Interesting experiences from international exposure (09:09)
  • Interesting start-ups (12:01)
  • The concept of leadership (23:14)

Show notes:

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