The Uniqueness of Generation Z | Jake | EP 18

Gen Z

Gen Z is defined as the generation of people born between the mid 1990s to the mid 2000s. Generally, they’re known as the digital natives, where their exposure to the internet and social networks have been extensive for the most part of their lives.

As such, Gen Z has special characteristics and influences in the market. Today, we speak to Jake, who runs a Gen Z ad agency, to understand more about the Gen Z space.

Who is Jake?

Jake Bjorseth is the founder of Trndsttrs, a Gen Z ad agency that helps brands understand and reach Generation Z consumers. After suffering a jaw-breaking (literally) accident, Jake dropped out of college to start his own business.

Now at the age of 21, he has grown the company to a 19-man strong team, and has engaged top brands like McDonald’s.

"One thing that all young people have to understand is, the number one you have on older individuals, is time. There's nothing else."

Uniqueness of Gen Z

Jake falls squarely within the Gen Z category and as such, has a keen understanding of what it means to be a Gen Z. Leveraging on his personal experiences and expertise, he consults brands on how they can better target Gen Z.

Interestingly, he mentioned the difference in actions taken by Gen Z and previous generations. Whereas millennials might simply complain if something is done wrong or poorly, Gen Z would attack you for it, with cancer culture a social extreme of what that could be.

Gen Z are also more impact-driven and want to see changes to what is currently being done. They want to change the world and see themselves as being the voice to drive those changes.

Opportunities Are Everywhere

Jake also brought up an important point regarding the importance of perspective. While many might be lamenting the poor global outlook and the awful nature of the current situation, Jake reminds us that there have been opportunities that have popped up despite the bleak circumstances.

Instead of slowing down like everyone else, we should put our foot on the gas pedal to speed up and get ahead of our competition!

3 Stages of Development

Lastly, Jake talked about the three phases of development, be it in your personal growth, or your business trajectory. 

The first phase is ramping up your knowledge, reading as much as you can from different sources and learning from people around you. The second stage is when you reach some point of information saturation and you just have to execute to figure out what works and iterate from there. The last stage is when you’ve achieved commendable growth, and you need to start creating new innovations and sparking new ideas.

It was an interesting concept brought forth by Jake, and I just wanted to highlight the importance of the second stage, where we should start acting on our knowledge to find out what works and what doesn’t work!

Some questions I asked:

  • When did you get started? (02:37)
  • How has the journey been like? (12:46)
  • What is unique about Gen Z? (16:04)

In this episode, you will learn:

  • Dropping out of college (06:06)
  • Charting your own path (09:22)
  • Gen Z trends (24:53)
  • Daily habits (32:52)

Show notes:

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