The Power of Mentorship | Benjamin | EP 04

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This is Part II of Benjamin’s interview. To hear Benjamin talk about his journey of self-discovery, be sure to check out his previous episode.

Mentorship Unfolded 

Mentorship has evolved greatly throughout the years, becoming increasingly valued and indispensable to today’s business climate. Rapid advancements in technology have revolutionised mentoring relationships, whilst placing greater emphasis on mutual learning and continuous improvement for both mentor and mentee.

In this episode, Benjamin shares how his experiences have inspired him to become a strong advocate of mentorship.

Who is Benjamin?

Benjamin Wong is currently an Investment Professional at Alvarium Investments, a global multi-family office with US$20bn in assets under advisory that offers tailored investment solutions and provides a network for co-investment, collaboration and connection.

He recently founded Kinobi, a digital mentoring career platform that is present in Singapore, Indonesia and India. With his exposure to different companies including Baring Private Equity Asia, Yamato Capital Partners (YCP) and Shopee, Benjamin has amassed an impressive breadth of knowledge.

He has co-founded several high-impact communities – The Mentoring Circle, and  Atomos Watch Club & Cogito Collective. In his free time, Benjamin enjoys discussing horology and philosophy.

Why Mentorship is Meaningful

Experienced professionals can expose us to new ideas and offer practical advice on professional development. Beyond offering valuable insight, mentors can also be a source of inspiration, just like how Regine got interested in consulting through a coffee chat with someone she networked with.

Similarly, Benjamin believes in mentorship and shared learning. He champions this belief by founding The Mentoring Circle (TMC) in Singapore Management University. TMC aims to create a community where seniors provide mentorship and guidance to juniors, helping them achieve professional excellence.

In view of the tangible benefits that mentorship has to offer, mentorship is indeed meaningful and instrumental to career progression.

Mentorship Is Reciprocal

Ultimately, mentorship is meant to benefit both mentor and mentee. In order to make the most of mentorship, the first step is always to ensure that the mentor’s goals are aligned with the mentee’s. Benjamin likens mentorship to amorous relationships, where it will take time for both parties to determine if the mentoring relationship is a right fit.

“Mentorship is like a relationship”

Finding a Mentor

As you search for a mentor, there are also professionals seeking mentees that they can learn from. Whilst ensuring that the mentor is a right fit for you, it is also crucial that you convey the reciprocal benefits for your mentor. 

As for how mentors can benefit from you, Benjamin brought up 3 types of mentors that are out there:

  1. Bosses seeking to establish a talent pipeline

  2. Seasoned professionals bridging the generation gap, whilst seeking fresh perspectives, ideas and approaches

  3. Relatively younger working professionals who wish to guide their juniors, developing their leadership and coaching styles

Alternatively, you can participate in mentoring programmes or learn from books published by established business leaders. 

Benjamin recently started Kinobi, a digital mentoring platform. Collaborating with top-tier mentors, Kinobi has a series of insightful and relevant webinars to chart your path to success, so be sure to check them out as well.

Some questions I asked:

  • Why are you so passionate about mentorship? (00:45)
  • How do you approach someone for mentorship? (17:10)

In this episode, you will learn:

  • Starting The Mentoring Circle in Singapore Management University (01:50)
  • Benjamin’s new initiative, Kinobi (05:13)
  • The different kind of mentors (10:50)

Show notes:

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