The First Step to Success: Self-Awareness | Darius | EP 10

The First Step to Success: Self-Awareness | Darius | EP 10

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The Value of Self-Awareness

Whenever you encounter someone who is successful, you will realise that they possess strong self-awareness. They have a clear grasp of their strengths and weaknesses, what they enjoy doing, and what they despise entertaining.

This sense of self-awareness allows them to have a clear picture of their goals and their roadmap to success. Given that everyone has their unique abilities and aspirations, it is important to discover yourself for who you really are.

As we get caught up in life, we often overlook the importance of self-reflection. Sometimes, it is best for us to slow down the pace and review our motivations and goals.

Today, we speak to Darius, who talks about the importance of self-awareness and how that led him to pursue his current social media career.

Who is Darius?

Darius is an author, coach & speaker on social media branding, community growth and conversion, especially when it comes to Instagram. After spending 5 figures learning and growth hacking on social media, he has grown a following of over 250k+ in less than 2 years. 

Quoted by his 6 & 7 figure clients as having a “proven roadmap & system”, his team, LegacyIgnite, now helps coaches, speakers and marketers to stand out in their market and become the go-to expert in their industry. 

Darius also hosts the “Live Your Legacy” podcast, where he helps entrepreneurs to create a 1 degree shift and increase their impact on the world. 

"I think a lot of times when you're starting a journey, it all boils down to self-awareness. It really is understanding what are your strengths, what are your weaknesses, what are your likes, what are your dislikes?"

4 Areas of Expertise

An interesting concept brought up by Darius during the interview was the 4 quadrants of your own personal mastery -  Zone of Genius, Excellence, Competence & Incompetence.

Incompetence is relatively self-explanatory - things that you’re not good at. Areas of competence is skills you can perform, but others can do it at a higher level than you. Excellence refers to areas where you are much better than other people, and Zone of Genius is where you’re “supernatural” - things that you love doing and can execute at a high level.

Usually, skills that belong in your Zone of Genius are things that “when people speak to you, it naturally comes out from your mouth”. By understanding and leveraging on your Zone of Genius, you will be able to maximize your potential.

"If you are facing the same problem where you are doing the same thing and it didn't work, that's exactly what's wrong with it”

Understanding Your Level of Comfort

Nowadays, when it comes to personal branding, LinkedIn is one of the most powerful platforms that can be capitalised on. However, as mentioned by Darius in the interview, many people are uncomfortable with putting themselves out on social media platforms.

With regards to this concern, Darius brought up a noteworthy point, which is to determine your own personal level of comfort. If you are uncomfortable with showing your face on social media or speaking in front of a camera, you can consider publishing written articles instead.

If you are confident in asking thought-provoking questions, you can opt to become a podcast host as well. The main point here is to figure out what you’re comfortable with, before creating content.

Don’t lose out on the potential opportunities you can get through social media!

"Success leaves clues. You just have to follow these clues, follow the footsteps that people have already set for you"

Execution is Key

After hearing from Darius about how he managed to grow his personal brand, I asked him what advice he would give to people who are just starting out. He quoted the importance of implementation and execution.

Many people watch many educational videos, attend countless seminars and courses, yet don’t put those ideas to the test. He has been guilty of that before, which is why he advocates the Pareto principle of 80/20 - 20% should be ideas, 80% should be execution.

I also believe that execution is key, but I still have room for improvement in that aspect. Time to practice what I have learned!

Some questions I asked:

  • What got you started on your current journey? (01:30)
  • How did the decision to discover yourself come about? (07:36)
  • What was your mindset like during those setbacks? (17:34)
  • How to establish yourself as a thought leader? (27:52)
  • What if people are not comfortable with social media? (36:12)

In this episode, you will learn:

  • Darius’ Twitter Journey (05:49)
  • Darius’ Instagram Journey (10:45)
  • How to start even when you don’t have anything you’re good at (16:15)
  • Personal branding strategies (21:17)
  • Finding your Zone of Genius (40:30)

Show notes:

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