The Best Approach to Developing Soft Skills | Felix | EP 15

The Best Approach to Developing Soft Skills | Felix | EP 15

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Holistic Development

With the evolution of our education system and more students having a strong base of technical skills, the narrative has shifted towards the need for a holistic development. Beyond the focus on grades, the physical, social and emotional growth of youths are being promoted as well.

Alongside the emergence of robots and automation which threaten to replace the tasks of humans, it is now more crucial than ever to possess soft skills including interpersonal and communication skills.

In this episode, we speak to Felix, who founded an edtech startup that focuses on soft skills development.

Who is Felix?

Felix is the Founder and CEO of Skilio, an edtech startup that measures and tracks soft skill development in youth. He is passionate about the space of youth development and education. 

As a student entrepreneur, he won the Singapore chapter of the Global Student Entrepreneur Award organised by the Entrepreneur’s Organisation and is the Silver Awardee of the National Youth Entrepreneur Awards organized by the Action Community for Entrepreneurship (ACE). 

In his spare capacity, Felix also volunteers to mentor youth in areas of entrepreneurship and soft skills development.

Developing Soft Skills

Given the difficulty of tracking soft skills, I was curious as to how Skilio goes about it. Interestingly, they adopt a 360 degree feedback loop, where they collect feedback from your mentors, peers and various people around you.

Based on the feedback collected, they aggregate the data onto a platform for easy visualisation. As Felix puts it, the first step to any form of development is being aware of the areas you have to improve on. By flagging out the potential areas of improvement, it allows for users to easily track their progress.

"What really allows you to master soft skills is through constant practice and putting it in context where you can apply them"

The Power of Journaling

Along the same line of being self-aware, Felix has a weekly habit that he adopts to reflect on his week. He would journal down the happenings over the last week on a Sunday night and rate it out of 10. 

Having committed to journaling consistently and developing a habit out of it, Felix was able to track his peaks and troughs over a period of time and evaluate how he can improve moving forward.

I thought it sounded like a great idea and is perhaps something everyone can consider trying out!

Dealing With Inexperience

As a student founder, Felix has faced many difficulties in his startup journey, some of which include issues surrounding credibility and the lack of experience. To overcome these obstacles, Felix onboarded established and experienced mentors to provide guidance.

Felix also forms a community of entrepreneurs who are at similar growth stages to learn from one another. This allows them to learn about preventable mistakes from one other’s stories and brainstorm about ways for further improvement as well.

Some questions I asked:

  • How did you get started on the entrepreneurial path? (01:22)
  • How do you teach people to become more entrepreneurial? (05:12)
  • What are some of your habits? (12:21)

In this episode, you will learn:

  • Skilio’s soft skills development (07:22)
  • Picking up knowledge regarding soft skills development (10:14)
  • Highlights and low points of Felix’s entrepreneurship journey (15:38)

Show notes:

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