Cultivating The Right Mindset | Charlotte | EP 09

Cultivating The Right Mindset | Charlotte | EP 09

Striving for Self-Development

With the abundance of information available to us, we have little excuse for not knowing enough. There are thousands of resources at hand - all it takes is a few clicks to start learning.

Increasingly, there have been many events and fireside chats being held by industry experts to share their knowledge to the wider community. While the COVID-19 situation has hindered physical events, many virtual webinars have popped up in response.

With the multitude of information available, there is never a better time than now for us to leverage on these avenues to grow our knowledge and skill-sets.

In this episode, we speak to Charlotte, a Cloud Consulting Analyst from Accenture who attended countless events during her university days to build up her career and identity capital.

Who is Charlotte?

Charlotte currently works at Accenture as a Cloud Consultant, supporting ASIAM (Australia, New Zealand, SEA, India, Africa & Middle East) growth markets for technology - focusing on project management and deployment of cloud infrastructure. 

She is an ex-Venture Capitalist at SGInnovate and Wavemaker Partners. She is also an active contributor in the technology scene specifically in the angel investment and skills-building (empowerment) space. Her articles on technology and empowerment fetch up to 2000 views on LinkedIn and Medium and have been awarded on Tech in Asia. 

Outside of work, she enjoys exploring new places for good food and finds comfort in practicing yoga and taking care of her new pet bird, Fei. 

Being Resourceful

When faced with the problem of limited growth, some of us are guilty of blaming this issue on the lack of opportunities. While this may hold true in certain instances, there are many ways for us to create our own opportunities.

Charlotte’s experiences prove that it is possible to create opportunities by being resourceful. After discovering her interest in technology, she was inclined to attend big technology meets and events to increase her exposure and knowledge. Although she was unable to afford the entrance fees to these events, she found alternative ways to attend these events.

Volunteering was one of the options she tried. Another way was through writing articles for these events, which not only gained her access to the event, but also the chance to interview reputable judges for features and opinions.

Through her experience of attending multiple events, Charlotte also mentioned the use of Q&A sessions to get yourself known. Whenever there were opportunities to pose questions, she would introduce herself and state what she’s looking for. This allows people to know about you and people would naturally approach you at the end of the event.

I thought this was a really useful tip for those who would like to get better opportunities out of networking events.

Have A Plan & Build Your Brand

Towards the end of the interview, Charlotte raised three key takeaways that can help to achieve  success. Having a plan and a brand was one of these three takeaways.

Having a clear plan for what you hope to achieve would allow for a better sense of direction and you’ll be more likely to commit to executing that plan. Secondly, build up your own personal brand that allows you to stand out from everyone else.

Charlotte mentioned that you should reflect on some of the identity capital that you have achieved previously up to this point in time, and figure out whether these assets align to your passionate interests.

Figure out what you hope to stand for, how you’re different from others, and how you can establish that difference and communicate it to people around you.

Cultivate The Right Mindset

Last but not least, Charlotte talked about the importance of cultivating a learning mindset because it’s important to recognise that there is always going to be someone better than you.

In order to stay ahead or prevent yourself from falling behind, you need to constantly upskill yourself and raise your bar. Executing is part of this equation as well, where it’s important to not just have a plan, but also to execute that plan.

This was a quote that Charlotte raised which captured the essence of Time, in a song called Time by Pink Floyd:

Tired of lying in the sunshine staying home to watch the rain.

You are young and life is long and there is time to kill today.

And then one day you find ten years have got behind you.

No one told you when to run, you missed the starting gun

It is a really beautiful quote which highlights the importance of taking action and taking control of your own life. If you truly want to achieve something for yourself, your destiny is in your own hands.

Of course, having the right group of people around you is important as well. If you wish to connect with like-minded individuals looking to bring their life to the next level, join us in our LinkedIn group:

Some questions I asked:

  • How did you get to where you are today? (01:06)
  • How to stay in touch with people you meet? (16:33)
  • Tell us more about your role as a Cloud Consultant (23:28)

In this episode, you will learn:

  • Finding her passion by attending events (02:11)
  • Purpose of attending events (10:21)
  • Picking up relevant tech knowledge (19:41)
  • Self-care tips (30:21)
  • 3 tips to set yourself up for success (35:34)

Show notes:

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