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From Zero To Hero

Have you ever come across a friend in your life that seemed to change entirely after not interacting with them for a period of time? Sometimes, the changes are so significant that your mind can’t seem to comprehend the changes you witness.

"Your mess creates your message"

After “wasting” 2 years of his life just partying and clubbing away, Darryl came to a sharp realisation upon being asked about what he plans to do with his life and what he is good at.

In this episode, Darryl shared how he snapped out of this life of aimlessness, how all of us can find our own story and message, and some stepping stones for you to get started today!

Who is Darryl?

Darryl Ng is the founder of Calibrate Your Inner GPS. He is someone who is extremely passionate about sharing knowledge with others. He lives by this motto: "To become someone I needed when I was younger". 

Darryl started his self-development journey at 20 years old, and created this CYIGPS program at 24 years old. Currently, he wants to share this gift with the world. He has successfully conducted Calibrate Your Inner GPS for more than 100 students to date.

Defining Happiness

During the interview, Darryl mentioned an interesting concept about the 2 different types of happiness. The first type is related to finding a purpose, finding a long-term goal. The second type is short-term pleasure which Darryl accurately points out, “is what we are doing very well”.

Games, chocolates, ice-cream - we are all guilty of falling prey to these short-term pleasures. Yet, when it comes to our long-term purpose, many of us fall short in this aspect.

Do you truly know what makes you happy and what’s your purpose in life? That is perhaps something all of us needs to dig deeper and think more about.

Overcoming Self-Doubt

Despite the confident demeanour he exudes, Darryl wasn’t always confident in his skills. He used to doubt his ability and felt like he didn’t have much to offer. I believe this is something many people struggle with as well, thus I asked him how he managed to overcome this sense of self-doubt. 

Darryl shared a framework by Dean Graziosi that he adopted to tackle this issue. First, list down all your limiting beliefs. Once that is done, you proceed to debunk those beliefs with facts and figures to back them up. Lastly, consistently prime your mind and use daily affirmations to remind yourself to keep negativity at bay.

By doing so, you’ll be able to slowly build up your sense of self-belief and confidence!

Fabricating Your WHY

As a form of staying accountable, Darryl uses this technique called “fabricating your why” and building your personal “why stack”. If you are able to list down the reasons for your actions, it’s no longer just a “should-do”, but a “must-do”!

For Darryl, because he has built up his own personal “why stack”, he has a clear vision and plan for his future, to the extent that he has already thought of the names for his future children!

Next time you’re feeling unmotivated or lost, build your own “why stack” to get a clearer sense of what you’re working for and keep that goal in mind.

Some questions I asked:

  • How did you overcome self-doubt? (13:57)
  • What if people are afraid to take the step to find out more about themselves? (21:57)

In this episode, you will learn:

  • Darryl’s self-improvement journey (01:18)
  • Darryl’s coaching journey (10:39)
  • Resources for self-discovery (24:28)

Show notes:

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