Adopting A Different Perspective | Thaddaeus | EP 12

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Digital Marketing: A Booming Market

People often claim the Internet to be “a great leveller” in terms of offering everyone equal opportunities to succeed. Along with this trend of the Internet turning people into superstars, demand for savvy online marketing has grown as well.

In order to stand out in the now-crowded online sphere, the brand message and marketing prowess has to be top-notch. Without a distinctive story, people run the risk of being left behind.

In this episode, we have Thaddaeus, a digital marketing expert in the field of stock market coaching, where he shares about how he got interested in entrepreneurship, how he managed to find his passion, and advice for aspiring entrepreneurs.

Who is Thaddaeus?

Thaddaeus is the founder of The Bullish Agency, who helps stock market coaches grow and scale their business so they can spend more time focusing on their students.

Before starting this business, Thaddaeus tried many other businesses, all of which have either failed or stopped due to a lack of passion for. The one that Thaddaeus is working on right now is something that he’s truly passionate about and he is very thankful for that.

Thaddaeus loves reading anything about marketing, creative advertising, human psychology and value investing.

Three things in life that he stands brutally against: 

  1. Being stagnant and going nowhere

  2. Conforming to the status quo

  3. Boring ads

An Unexpected Path

When Thaddaeus first started out, his main purpose was to build a source of passive income. That led him to try out many different things including vlogging on YouTube, doing affiliate marketing, Shopify drop-shipping, Amazon FBA, and even video services.

Nonetheless, he never saw himself as someone who would pursue entrepreneurship until he did 2 internships, both at startups. During his stints, he witnessed how a company is run and understood how the whole structure works.

Because of those experiences, he ventured down his current path of entrepreneurship and doesn’t look like he’s turning back anytime soon.

Don’t Be Afraid Of Trying

In the process of building up his company, Thaddaeus had to identify a particular niche to target. However, arriving at that particular niche wasn’t the most straightforward.

Initially, Thaddaeus approached all kinds of businesses to offer his marketing services - from dentists to gyms. It was only after trial and error did he decide to niche down on his current target market of stock market coaches.

Think Big, Aim Big, Dream Big

This is one advice Thaddaeus would dish out to aspiring entrepreneurs or anyone who’s looking to carve something out for themselves. By having big dreams, you will be forced to adopt a different mindset and apply a different strategy.

For Thaddaeus, his initial goal was to save $100k by the end of his undergraduate studies. However, someone asked him, “why not aim for $100k in a year?” That question prompted him to re-think his approach and challenged him to aim for greater heights!

"Aim bigger - that will really drive you to take bigger steps, to make bigger deals, and think differently"

Some questions I asked:

  • How did you get involved in the Digital Marketing space? (01:19)
  • Have you always been entrepreneurial? (07:56)

In this episode, you will learn:

  • Thaddaeus’ attempts at different areas - YouTube, affiliate marketing, drop-shipping, Amazon FBA, video services (04:08)
  • Effective marketing strategies (11:05)
  • Advice for aspiring entrepreneurs (12:30)
  • Psychological marketing (19:14)

Show notes:

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