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Persistence and Grit Pays Off

In the current day and age, success is widely portrayed - we often hear of entrepreneurs who drop out of college, start a business out of their garage, and go on to become multi-millionaires.

Yet, these stories are far and few between. We hardly hear of the majority of others who failed to make it. Despite the relative “sexiness” of entrepreneurship today, most entrepreneurs struggle for many years before attaining any sort of achievements.

Often, it is those who persevere through their countless failures that eventually emerge as winners. Today, we speak to Melvin, who at one point in time was eating 1 meal a day and struggled for more than 7 years before achieving his breakthrough.

Who is Melvin?

Melvin is the Co-Founder of Enlightened Profits, where they exist to uplift the business community by providing transformational solutions for entrepreneurs, helping them to better their lives, level up their marketing and expand their business.

Today, Melvin coaches some of the world and Asia's best speakers, trainers, coaches, marketers and salespeople. He shows them how to stand out using a unique method known as The X-Factor Method, which rapidly enables them to shoot to the very top of their industry, charge higher prices and work with top clients. 

"Value does not come from experience, value comes from results. No one really cares about the level of experience, they only care about your ability to produce results"

Experience Counts For Nothing Unless You Show Results

The lack of experience is often one’s excuse (myself included) for not putting yourself out there to see whether things will work out. Well, Melvin shot that idea down by saying that experience only counts for something if it translates to results.

If you’ve played soccer for 10 years and scored 0 goals, compared to someone who just started playing 3 months ago and manages to score 3 goals, clearly the one who can score goals is valued more.

Don’t use the lack of experience as an excuse for you not to start, aim to achieve the results that would prove people otherwise!

Building Up Your Value

Of course, to produce results, you would need to be able to bring value to the people around you. To do so, the only way is to put your skill-sets to the test and get feedback from the users. 

Another way is to do affiliate marketing. For example, if you wanted to both learn from a master and make money at the same time, then you could help to sell the master’s stuff. This would allow you to get interactions with the master and generate income knowing that you are selling something that works!

This was a really interesting concept brought up by Melvin which sounds like an idea worth trying out.

"In entrepreneurship, what kills you is if you don't know what you don't know"

The Dark Side of Entrepreneurship 

Melvin also questioned aspiring entrepreneurs and whether they truly understand what they’re signing up for. Mistakes, hunger, low income, watching your friends party while you are hustling - these are just some of the experiences you will have to face throughout your entrepreneurship journey.

If you know what’s in it for you and you are committed to making it work, then embrace the challenges and know that you signed up for it. If it’s any consolation, Melvin illustrated the payoffs of these sacrifices: 5 to 10 years down the road, your friends might still be on that sun-chair, suntanning at the beach. 

But you? You will own the beach.

Some questions I asked:

  • What sparked your transformation? (09:32)
  • How do you build up your own value? (36:32)

In this episode, you will learn:

  • Melvin’s life journey (01:46)
  • The mindset an entrepreneur should possess (18:18)
  • The dark side of entrepreneurship (50:17)

Show notes:

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